Dr. Besigye, Wife Byanyima In Spotlight As Son Anselm Grows ‘Boobs’

  Dr. Besigye, Wife Byanyima In Spotlight As Son Anselm Grows ‘Boobs’

By Ivan Mwine

The issue of whether Rtd. Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye and his wife Winnie Byanyima’s son Anselm Beesigye is a man or woman is raising more controversy each day that dawns!

A few weeks ago exposeduganda.com published a story in which we revealed that although Anselm was initially raised as boy or rather male, over the years be has metamorphosed into a girly-girly guy, to the extent that many people, especially concerned Ugandans who at one time regarded him as First Son material, are increasingly getting worried.


Matters have however been worsened by Anselm’s recent photos in which he appears to have grown some sort of boobs.

Anselm Besigye shows off what appears tom be boobs

In the photos which have since gone viral on social media, a well-kempt and somehow ‘sexy-looking’ Anselm is seen sharing a meal with his mother Byanyima, an aunt and other family friends.

What most striking about Anselm’s recent photos is that he looks more feminine than masculine, something that has since sparked a debate on social media, with many Ugandans blasting Besigye and Byanyima for failing to execute their duties as African parents.

Anselm Besigye takes a selfie with mom Winnie Byanyima, hiis Aunt and a Pal

Here below are some comments from concerned Ugandans on social media who are not happy with the way Beesigye and Byanyima have raised Anselm, who last year graduated with a degree from Harvard University;

“Dr Besigye and his beautiful wife need to go back on the drawing board and restructure the future of this man. How can these intelligent people and both leaders fail to shape a child in the rightful manner? Very unfortunate, and it gives a bad image of the people they inspire,” a one Edward Mayega said on twitter.

Girly-Girly Anselm chilling with his Aunt and a Pal

Another person, Kaliisa Godfrey🇺🇬@GodfreyKaliisa said; “And @Winnie_Byanyima now will come out boldly to defend this and tell us how proud she is with her child!!”

Joshua Basiima said: “If all mothers supported and defended their kids like Winnie Byanyima does with Anselm his son, then this world would be a beautiful place for everyone.”

Miley Kagonyera asked: “When did Anselm grow boobs?”



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