Drama As Nandala Mafabi Throws Ingrid Turinawe Out Of FDC

Drama As Nandala Mafabi Throws Ingrid Turinawe Out Of FDC

By Ivan Mwine

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Ingrid Turinawe and Nathan Nandala Mafabi are currently not seeing eye to eye after they developed irreconcilable difference that have left the party torn apart.

Insiders within the FDC headquarters at Nakulabye reveal that Turinawe and Mafabi are beefing so bitterly to the extent that Turinawe has since unceremoniously quit the party.

According to insiders, Turinawe, who was some time back a staunch party mobiliser is these days no longer a show at Nakulabye and accuses Mafabi of running the Party as if it is his personal business.

She also faults Mafabi, who is the party Secretary General, for being a dictator in FDC, who often backs people he likes and frustrates those he doesn’t.

However, Mafabi on the other hand accuses Turinawe of going against the Party structures and betraying the FDC principles when she decided to contest as an independent candidate for the Rukungiri District Woman Member of Parliament seat during the January general elections, yet the Party had a candidate for the same position.

Following the bitter standoff between them, Mafabi has since advised Turinawe to start up her own political party the way Rtd. Maj. Gen. Mugisha Muntu did when he quit the party because like him she is no longer welcome in FDC.

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