‘Dressing Indecently Doesn’t Give You Permission To  Sexually Assault Me’-Sheebah

‘Dressing Indecently Doesn’t Give You Permission To Sexually Assault Me’-Sheebah

By Ivan Mwine

Songbird Sheebah Karungi, who on Monday  publicly complained  about being sexually assaulted by an old man after she had been hired to perform at a function, has defended her indecent dress code, by saying that her dress code doesn’t give anyone permission to molest her.

Diva Sheebah Karungi is fighting against sexual assault

Sheebah, who is known for dressing on skimpy attires and staging dirty dance shows while performing, is so distraught after the incident that she took to social media and ranted thus; “I had a show, I was performing for somebody…one of those people you respect and call real role models, who pretend on TV to look good and all that bullsh*t…This old pervert was trying to be funny with me in my car. He just opened my car with his security and found me asleep. I was about to go on stage…”

Sheebah Karungi insists that dressing indecently doesn’t give men permission to sexually assault her

However, when Sheebah raised her complaint several netizens came out and lambasted her for dressing indecently, with many of the insinuating that she invites the sexual assault by dressing indecently.

But in defence, Sheebah has since come out to assure all and sundry that her indecent dressing is not an invitation to anyone to sexually assault her.

“DONT TELL WOMEN HOW TO DRESS.  TELL MEN TO RESPECT WOMEN & THEIR BODIES Showing Skin is not an invitation for sexual assault,” the singer wrote on twitter Tuesday, as if indicating that she is not about to change her dress code, even if it means facing the threat sexual assault.

Sheebah Karungi’s post on social media

It should however be noted that Sheebah is not the only female Ugandan musician who has been sexually assaulted on stage.

Celebrated musicians Veronika Kagwa aka Vinka and Winnie Nakanwagi alias Winnie Nwagi, Martha Mukisa and several others have been sexually assaulted while on stage, a vice amongst revellers that must be ended as soon as possible!



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