Dumped TV Star Saltofte Resorts To Booze & Kwetega To Forget Ex-Lover Maxxie

Dumped TV Star Saltofte Resorts To Booze & Kwetega To Forget Ex-Lover Maxxie

By Ivan Mwine

Popular NBS TV star Sheila Saltofte, who was some time back dating city socialite Maxim Kizito Steurbaut, popularly known as Maxxie Kizito, is languishing with loneliness ever since he walked out on her.

Moles reveal that Sheilah, who is a known city party animal, has since resorted to ‘Kwetega’ and drowning her loneliness in bottles on booze until that material time in future when she will find someone else to love.

Salta kisses and caresses bottles nowadays

Although it is not yet clear what caused their split, Maxxie and Sheilah, who is popularly known as Salta, can no longer share a bed or paint the city red with passion like they used to do some time back.

Maxxie is nowadays merrymaking with other babes, among them South Africa Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan.

Lonely Salta has since resorted to Kwetega

So whereas Salta used to caress and kiss him  back then, nowadays all she has to caress and kiss are bottles.

Moles intimate that when not kissing and caressing bottles, Salta resorts to posing for tantalizing snaps in which she expressly exhibits her loneliness and emotional starvation.

Gone are the days when Salta and Maxxie would cuddle

The Moles reveal that after posing for the snaps Salta shares them on social media, perhaps to arouse the interest of secret admirers such that one or two of them can DM her for plot.

Socialite Zari Hassan is rumoured to have feasted on Maxxie’s Big Cassava a few weeks ago

All we can do is wish Salta immense success in all her endeavours, such that she can find someone to fill the gaping hole that Maxxie left in her heart.    


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