Ed Cheune Offloads Two Multimillion Luxury Monster Cars

Ed Cheune Offloads Two Multimillion Luxury Monster Cars

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We recently told you how Dubai  based Ugandan businessman and Rich Gang founder Ed Cheune had acquired two monster rides – a Bentley Truck and Rolls Royce Black Badge.

We now have it on good record and can authoritatively report that Cheune has imported two more monster rides shortly after his return to Kampala, despite several Ugandans languishing in COVID-19 Kayasi.

The moneybags recently returned from Dubai and a few days later, his monster luxury rides have arrived too.

Ed Cheune’s new rides

In the footage we have obtained, we saw the cars being offloaded from a container, which is one of the most expensive ways to transport cars from abroad into Uganda.

Freight companies often offer such services to platinum customers who prefer exclusivity and safe delivery of their cargo.

We have further understood that the two rides are a Rolls Royce Black Badge and Bentley Truck both valued at over USD 1 Million.

Cheune has over the years sealed and cemented his position as one of the biggest spenders on automobile shopping with the socialite acquiring a luxury ride on a very regular basis.

Check out the photos and videos.

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