Eddy Mutwe, Nubian Li & Other NUP Members Who Were Jailed Clash Over Bobi Wine Shs500m Relief Cash

Eddy Mutwe, Nubian Li & Other NUP Members Who Were Jailed Clash Over Bobi Wine Shs500m Relief Cash

By Ivan Mwine

Over 50 members of the National Unity Platform (NUP) party who were recently  released from Kitalya prison are clashing over relief cash amounting to over Shs500m, which was reportedly promised to them by the party leader Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine.

Our Moles inside the NUP corridors at Kamwokya reveal that NUP diehards like Eddy Ssebuufu aka Eddy Mutwe, Ali Buken aka Nubian Li, Dan Magic and others who were arrested from Kalangala District last December, and granted bail last month by the General Court Martial, are clashing over money that was reportedly  promised them by Bobi Wine as compensation for the suffering they and their families endured while they were at Kitalya Prison.


The money, according to our insiders, which is in the excesses of Shs500m and is to be dished out by Bobi Wine when he returns from the USA, is meant to help the afflicted NUP members start up small businesses, since many of them lost their jobs or means of survival while they were imprisoned.

Nubain Lee (with turban) after being arrested with other NUP members

Moles however reveal that a clash has erupted among NUP members after they learnt that people close to Bobi Wine recently compiled list of the beneficiaries in this cash bonanza, although not all those who were arrested and recently released from the prison are included on the said list.

We have since established that the list includes  only people who are very close to Bobi Wine like Eddy Mutwe, Nubian Li, Daniel Brenny Oyerwot akaDan Magic and others, while several of their former inmates at Kitalya, in Ward 3, are not on the list, something that has sparked off pockets of disgruntlement   within the NUP ranks.

Besides those who haven’t been included on the list of beneficiaries, another clash has been sparked off by Bobi Wine money is who will receive how much, since some of the top members like Eddy Mutwe, Nubian Li and others are warming up to receive up to between Shs5M and 10M, claiming to have suffered the brunt of persecution at the hands of state apparatus and lost a lot during the struggle more than others.

Our Moles intimate that the issue of the compensation cash Bonanza from Bobi Wine is however being kept as a top secret within the NUP circles such that those who are not included on the list do not learn about it, so as to avoid making them feel sidelined and betrayed by their own party.

Some of the NUP members that were arrested together with Eddy Mutwe, Nubian Li and others

On June 14th, 2021, the General Court Martial in Makindye released on bail supporters of the National Unity Platform led by Buken Ali alias Nubian Li and Edward Ssebuwufu also known as Eddie Mutwe.

The released were the remaining supporters and close members of the NUP president Bobi Wine’s team that was arrested in Kalangala District in December 2020, following the release of several others earlier by the same court,  who were altogether charged with possession of government stores .

Besides Eddy Mutwe, Nubian Li and Dan Magic they include; Hassan Ssemakula alias Abdu Solider, Kenny Kyalimpa, Robinson Mudde Ntambi, Lukeman Mwijjukye alias Kampala, William Nyanzi alias Mboggo, Muhammad Nsubuga alias Edobozi,  Adam Matovu, Shakira Namboozo alias Suki, Ibra Tamale, Muzafalu Mwanga alias Main Gate Muwa, Stanley Kafuko alias Kysta, Achileo Kivumbia and Geoffrey Onzima alias Tower.

Others are Anthony Agaba alias Bobi Young, Robert Kivumbi alias Mighty Family, Samson Ssebiranda alias Giant, Sharif Najja alias Don Sharif, Brain Ssemanda alias Dictator Museveni must go, Robert Katumba, Charles Mpanga, Geoffrey Mutalya, Geserwa Kyabagu alias Pympah, Baker Kalyango, Faisal Kigongo alias Ras Fazo, Musa Mulimira, Sam Mutumba alias Papa Sam, Richard Kalema alias Ricardo, Alex Karamagi alias Dog City Kadogo,  Hussein Mukasa alias Oshea, John Bosco Sunday alias JB, Isma Muganga alias Jaja Isma, Fahad Tamale and Bashir Murusha.


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