Embarrassing: Karole Kasita Wig Falls On Stage As She Performs

Embarrassing: Karole Kasita Wig Falls On Stage As She Performs

By Ivan Mwine

Ugandan singer Korole Kasita suffered a fashion blunder over the weekend after her wig fell on stage as she performed at a gig in South Sudan

Moles reveal that the debacle occurred in Juba, South Sudan, where Kasita had been hired to perform during the festive season.

Karole Kasita grabs the wig as it falls off

As she performed however, her pink wig fell off and she had to grab it before it could land on the stage, sparking off loud laughter from the audience.

One of her minders tries to catch the wig before it falls on stage

But unlike other singers who usually shy away when wigs fall off their heads, Kasita exhibited rare bravery by majestically picking up and dusting the wig, before she wore it again and majestically matched off the stage.

She wears the wig again after picking it up

Kasita, who is 27 years old, is one of Uganda’s talented musicians popularly known for songs like; ‘Baba’, ‘Balance’ ‘Musujja’, ‘Mbeelamu’, Obuwoomi’, among others.


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