Ex-BBA Star Sharon Acquires Immense Wealth After Split With Mulindwa

Ex-BBA Star Sharon Acquires Immense Wealth After Split With Mulindwa

By Ivan Mwine

Ugandan actress Sharon Salmon popularly known as Sharon O, who is a former Big Brother Africa (BBA) star is registering great success ever since she parted ways with her baby daddy Ronnie Mulindwa, leaving many of her pals wondering about the secrets behind this success.

Sharon O shows off her monster Mercedes Benz

Moles reveal that Sharon, who was a member  of the now defunct Obsessions group where Mulindwa was her boss, is living a very wealthy lifestyle these days.


Moles reveal that Sharon is these days cruising a monster Mercedes Benz 4Matic 350ML, registration number UBF 039F, which is estimated to be worth  Shs80M.

Sharon O’s multimillion crib

However, as pals were still wondering how she managed  to raise all that money to buy the monster Benz, she unveiled a swanky bungalow   in one the city suburbs which is estimated to be worth over Shs400M.

The rate at which Sharon, who is just an actress, is acquiring wealth has left many of her pals with raised eyebrows and unanswered questions, with some them intimating that she might have gotten a sponsor who is injecting dime in her.

Ronnie Mulindwa with Sharon O during their heydays

It should be noted that Sharon, who is a very close friend of veteran radio personality cum actor Roger Mugisha, sometime back developed misunderstandings with the father of her only son Mulindwa, over counter-accusations of offside romping.

Sharon is close friends with actor Roger Mugisha

Following their irreconcilable love woes, Sharon decided to move on and start a life of her own, leaving Mulindwa to concentrate on singer Lydia Jazmine, whom he manages as an artiste, although word has it that she partly contributed to the reasons that resulted into their split.


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