Ex-Club Beer Marketing Guru Ssemambo Terribly Sick & Broke

Ex-Club Beer Marketing Guru Ssemambo Terribly Sick & Broke

By Ivan Mwine

Former Club beer marketing guru Shem Ssemambo is currently hospitalized and battling for his life yet he has no money to cater for the  piling medical bills.

Moles reveal that Ssemambo is bedridden with a strange health complications known a Transverse Myelitis, which is threatening to end his life.

Shem Ssemambo with his wife during their heydays

Ssemambo’s  plight was brought to the attention of the public by one of his Old Boys at Busoga College Mwiri, who wrote thus on social media; 

“Dear Mwirians

Let’s do this

OB Shem Ssemambo of class ;1985 Mwiri Primary School & Class 1986- 1992 Busoga College Mwiri (Wako House ) is admitted in IParamount ICU having been diagnosed with a rare disease called Transverse Myelitis. 

Shem is partially paralysed and remains in a critical condition and he is to be a long – stay patient in hospital.

Your financial and spiritual support towards meeting the hospital bills and welfare is welcome.

You can send you contribution to any of my phone numbers

0772515397 or 0701515397 registered

in the names of Mugisha Henry

Mugisha Henry Rodney”

It should be noted that Ssemambo was a remarkable in Uganda’s entertainment industry some time back, who used to frequent several hangouts across the country almost on a daily basis.


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