Ex-Vice President Prof. Bukenya Spills Secrets Of Why He Enjoys ‘Playing’ With Sexy Babes

Ex-Vice President Prof. Bukenya Spills Secrets Of Why He Enjoys ‘Playing’ With Sexy Babes

By Ivan Mwine
Former Vice  President Prof. Gilbert Bukenya has revealed why he enjoys spending most of his time having fun with young, juicy babes.

Bukenya, who was vice president between 2003 and 2011, has since retired from politics and public life, opting to spend days lounging at his luxurious Katomi Kingdom Resort Hotel in Garuga, off Entebbe Road.

Prof. Gilbert Bukenya with some of the babes he has partied with

However, instead of sulking around like a grumpy old man, Bukenya contends that he prefers to party and keep babes around him because they keep his blood boiling.


He revealed this during an interview with one of the local TV stations when he said that; “It is good to keep interacting with people who are younger than you.  If you limit yourself to people of your age, you’ll always be sad and stressed.”

Bukenya with his ex-wife Fr. Margaret Bukenya

He added that; “For instance if I limit myself to only people of my age I shall always be a sad old man. It is good to be with these young people.”

It should be noted that Bukenya has in the past hosted sexy celebrities like Desire Luzinda, Sheila Nvanungi, Iryn Namubiru, Spice Diana, Sharon O and others at his Katomi Kingdom Hotel for private performances.

Bukenya is always in company of babes

However, he made headlines a few years back after he organised a kinky party at the hotel that was headlined by singer Vampino, former Big Brother Africa star Sharon and a bevy of sexy dancers.

Sexy babes whisper to each other as they party with Bukenya

The event occurred at a time when the Professor was battling a divorce battle in court with his now ex-wife Dr. Margaret Bukenya, who accused him of cheating on her with several babes, among them Desire, although he denied the allegations.


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