Exclusive: Boxing Federation Guru Muhangi Chewing Judith Heard’s Sumbie

Exclusive: Boxing Federation Guru Muhangi Chewing Judith Heard’s Sumbie

By Ivan Mwine

If word coming in from our Moles is anything to go by, then something passionate is about to erupt between Moses Muhangi, the Uganda Boxing Federation president, and supermodel Nalongo Judith Heard.

This comes after Moles revealing that Muhangi, who was some time back said to be banging socialite Sheilah Parker Ayo, is these days tight-marking Judith so much that he almost can’t leave her with breathing space.

Sexy Model Judith Heard

The Moles have it that although they have been keeping their affair out of the limelight for a long time, it seems they feel their chemistry is mature enough for the public eye and they have since started hanging out together, often storming city hangouts arm in arm.

The chemistry between them has reached a level whereby Moles intimate that Muhangi is pumping a lot of dime in Judith’s fashion projects and in turn she uses her social media platforms to promote awareness about his campaigns too.

Judith Heard flaunts her curves

Moles reveal that last weekend she attended a boxing tournament that had been organized by Muhangi and that they were exchanging sweet smiles and coy winks all throughout the evening and only God knows where they ended up that night after the tournament.

It should be noted that Judith was some time back married to an American known as Dr. Alex Heard, with whom she produced twins, although they later developed marital woes that saw them part ways before he settled with his other wife in Nairobi, Kenya.

Sine then Judith, who is raising Heard’s twins together with an adopted child, has been  enjoying freelance romping sprees without fear or favour for anyone.


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