Exclusive: Nomads Bar Boss Kamau Cited In Weasel, Rwandan Baby Mama Sandra’s Domestic Violence Scandal

Exclusive: Nomads Bar Boss Kamau Cited In Weasel, Rwandan Baby Mama Sandra’s Domestic Violence Scandal

By Ivan Mwine

For some days now social media has been awash with various criticisms against singer Douglas Mayanja aka Weasel, for beating up his Rwandan baby mama Sandra Tetta, whom he left with a bruised face and wounds allover.

Despite the brutal domestic violence however, the cause of the fighting was not divulged and no one paid attention to it.


Several allegations were being brought forward, with some people saying the singer is abusing drugs and it is the reason he ends up turning his baby mama into a punching bag.

However, exclusive info reaching us indicates that Sandra has allegedly been having a secret affair with a top bar boss and Moles say this is what sparked off the sex war between her and Weasel.

Weasel arguing as a his kids and the crowd look on

A source intimated to us that Weasel hooked up Sandra a few years back while she was working as a bar tender at the Bunga-Gaba Road-based  Nomad bar.

Reports indicate that Sandra was having a secret affair with the Nomad bar boss identified as Fred Kamau Njeru at the time and they never ended it even after she hooked up with Weasel.

It is reported that the affair was kept very  secret from the  public eye because Sandra was offered a theme night to host at the bar and it was concealed into boss- employee relations.  However, with time Weasel learnt that Sandra was having something beyond work with her boss.

Sources say the two lovers started having bitter fights at their home and sometimes Weasel would extend the fighting to the bar where Sandra works.

Nomads Bar boss Freed Kamau is source of Weasel and Sandra’s love woes

It   is alleged that sometimes Weasel would storm the bar and cause chaos after being tipped off by some insiders that the bar boss was too tight with Sandra.

It was upon that background that Weasel was banned from ever stepping foot in Nomads bar.

Reports reveal that on the fateful day, Weasel was tipped off that Sandra was at  the same bar having a good time with her boss, yet he was home waiting for her to nurse their kids.

Moles say this incensed him so much so that he decided to take the kids to the baby mama at the bar so that the boss would take care of the mother and the kids.

However, that didn’t happen because he was blocked from accessing the premises and he caused a scuffle at thee gate, before driving off, leaving the kids unattended to, only for them to be picked by their mother hours later.

Moles reveal that it was after she had returned with the kids to Weasel’s crib that he pounced on Sandra and beat the living daylight out of her.

Kamau’s baby mama DJ Alysha aka DJ Alycoo

And as if Sandra knew that she  had only herself to blame, she didn’t even report the domestic violence  case at police and Moles reveal that she has since resumed partying.

Meanwhile, Kamau has also been battling a child neglect scandal for some time now.

Sources reveal that the flashy bar boss was accused of allegedly neglecting his child.

Weasel and Sandra kissing during their heydays

Kamau was sometime back in a relationship with luscious city female disc spinner DJ Alysha, popularly known as DJ Alycool for some time and begot a child with her.

However, they bitterly split, which left Alysha in severe depression that has lasted for years now.  Alysha later called it quits from Kamau’s Nomads bar.

Reports reveal that Kamau has been secretly feuding with Alysha over child neglect for a long time.

Moles say Alysha always sends Kamau requests to give child support, something he often complains about.

A few months back, Moles reveal Alysha threatened to drag him to court but some close pals pleaded with her not to do so and they are still looking for ways to sort out the mess without involving the law.

It should be noted that Kamau is in an affair with a top Rwandese babe identified as Alice Quinn Mbabazi and rents for her a posh mansion in Munyonyo, where she lives with her child from a previous relationship.

However, Kamau reportedly lives along Gaba Road,  where Heineken foots his bills  since he runs their marketing duties in Uganda.


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