Exclusive: Ntale’s Ex-Lover Bidna Chews Gen. Salim Saleh’s  Gal Esteri

Exclusive: Ntale’s Ex-Lover Bidna Chews Gen. Salim Saleh’s  Gal Esteri

By Ivan Mwine

We can exclusively reveal that celebrated musician Irene Ntale’s former lover Ivan Bidna is feasting on Gen. Salim Saleh’s daughter Esteri Mugurwa Akandwanaho!

Information from our reliable Moles indicates that Bidna, who was some time back Ntale’s personal person, has been chewing Esteri’s Sumbie for  almost three years now, having hooked up with her in late 2019, although  they don’t have a tot yet.

Ivan Bidna and Esteri Akandwanaho celebrating his birthday

Moles reveal that following their hookup,  Bidna and Esteri have since moved in and nowadays live as man and wife at  her house in Mbuya, which the General was occupying some time back.

The Moles reveal that since he is the man of the house, Bidna,  who has  set of twins from his past relationship, took over the responsibility  of raising Esteri’s two daughters as their stepfather.

Loved Up: Ivan Bidna and Esteri cuddling

Besides being stepfather, we are told Bidna also turned himself into the official chauffer for Esteri, whereby they are often seen cruising around town in her Range Rover, especially whenever they are heading to her office in Kololo or when they’re going shopping.

It should be noted that prior to hooking up with Bidna, Esteri was married to city engineer Roland Ndizeye Sekaziga and together they have three daughters, although they separated and are currently involved in a bitter divorce battle.

Singer Irene Ntale is battling loneliness

The couple split in 2016 and in early 2017 Esteri filed a case at the High Court family division registered as HCT-00-FD-DC0036-2017, in which she petitioned the court for a decree nisi, custody, an order for equal maintenance among others demands and their case is before Justice Joseph Mulangira.

Since then, the two have been involved in bitter squabbles especially concerning their three daughters’ joint custody.

Esteri Akandwanaho with her former hubby Roland Sekaziga

However, Esteri shocked many of her pals and relatives when she petitioned court to grant her custody of their two daughter because her former husband Sekaziga is not mentally sound and thus incapable of raising their children.

But the person who stands to benefit from this standoff according to pals in Bidna, because ever since she hooked him up his lifestyle has changed for the better.

Besides Irene Ntale, Bidna was also very close with socialite Tracy Bora

This is because whereas in  the past he used to mingle with the likes of Ntale, Tracy Bora and other people of such classes, these days he hangs out with the crème-de-la-crème of the country among them members of  the First Family, which makes him bob around the city with swag!

Watch this space for details about this developing story!  


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