Exclusive: Rapper Fik Fameica Hooks Sexy British Model

Exclusive: Rapper Fik Fameica Hooks Sexy British Model

By Ivan Mwine

Ugandan ace rapper Fik Fameica, real name Shaffick Walukagga, who is currently on a music tour in Europe has literally hit two birds with one stone.

This is because whereas he went to Europe to entertain his fans and get paid for it, he has used the opportunity to hook up a very sexy British model only identified as Thalia.

Rapper Fik Fameica with new catch Thalia

Our Moles in London reveal that for all the days he has been in the United Kingdom Thalia has been catering for Fic Fameica’s  mutual and emotional needs.

The Moles intimate that Fic Fameica unveiled Thalia on Thursday night during his listening party that was held at Essex Club in London, where the two spent the entire evening enjoying themselves to the fullest, before they retired to his hotel room towards morning.

Thalia caressing Fik Fameica’s hands

It is however not yet clear whether Fic Fameica will return to Uganda with Thalia or they remain in a long-distance relationship.

It should be noted that Fic Fameica was some time back dating NBS TV star Sheila Gashumba but they parted ways after developing misunderstanding especially because her father Frank Gashumba didn’t approve of him as a viable son-in-law.

Thalia and Fik Famieca at Essex Bar in London

Since then, he had not been known to publicly date any babe, save for rumours that were going around about him that he chewed gorgeous NTV star cum model Linda Uwamahoro aka Lynda Ddane’s Sumbie.


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