Exports: Ugandan Slay Queens Who Sell Like Hot Cakes In Dubai

Exports: Ugandan Slay Queens Who Sell Like Hot Cakes In Dubai

By Ivan Mwine

During the recently concluded Dubai Expo Uganda made headlines for being one of the  countries  that exhibited some  of the goods that are manufactured here for export.

Some of the exports Team Uganda exhibited at their stall included Madhvani Tea, Lato Milk, Splash Juice, among others.


However, the exhibitors at the Ugandan stall forgot to showcase a very rare export that Uganda is exporting mainly to Dubai and the United Arab Emirates at large.

The exports we are talking about are not manufactured goods or products but instead sexy, appealing and seductive babes.

For your own information, there are hundreds if not thousands of slay queens who are selling like hot cake in Dubai.

Some of these slay queens keeping trotting to and from Dubai on their business trips, while others decided to station there for some time as they transact private business and usually return to Uganda for short holidays before they fly back.

Although the list is very long, here are some of the slays queens that are selling more than any other product that Uganda will ever export to Dubai;

Sheilah Gashumba

If there is any slay queen who came to understand the gigs in Dubai and how they pay well, then it is TV star Gashumba. As you read this, Gashumba is slated to grace dubbed ‘Real Summer Festival’ which will be held in Dubai between 24th and June. She will be at the event  not by mistake but because the hosts know her capacity, reason why they paying her heavily to make a ‘Special Appearance.’ But of course this is not the first time Gashumba is doing her thing in Dubai because she has been there before on personal errands.

Gloria Namulindwa aka Glosh Lindwa

Glosh Lindwa with a pal

A mother of two, Namulindwa is married to  city events guru Godfrey Ssali aka Ras B. Ssali. However, she abandone

d her kids and hubby in Uganda and  opted to enjoy merrymaking sprees with fellow  slay queens in Dubai. Although she is not known to be engaged in any formal line of business, Namulindwa has been  in Dubai for almost two years now and often ensures that she updates her social media platforms with photos of her chopping money at various party destinations in the  U.A.E.


Katrina Nilzero

This one passes off as a private model for hire and is always trotting the globe to attend to her private errands, although Moles reveal that she mainly pries her trade in Dubai hotels.


Doreen Kabareebe

Being a model and a former Miss Uganda beauty contestant, Kabareebe has traversed the world gracing several beauty pageants, although Dubai seems to be her haven. She is the  type that  usually flies to Dubai for a specific transaction period after which she returns to Uganda to cool off.


Sharon Natukunda aka Sharn

She is singer Allan Amumpeire aka Toniks’ lover and she has been prying her trade in Dubai for a long time. Sharn relocated to Dubai a few years back after her hustle in Kampala didn’t yield the fruits  she wanted and since then, she has embarked on a money-chopping spree, often doing business between Dubai and Lagos, Nigeria.


Millicent Lubega

She was some time back a video vixen who featured in one of singer Jose Chameleone’s videos and always welcomed him to Dubai whenever he went there. However, she later decided to abandon being a vixen and decided to delve into private business, which has not disappointed her to date.

Brenda Miles

A  self-confessed ‘vendor’ who uses what she has  to get what she wants, Brenda related to Dubai around 2020, after slaying in Kampala for a long time. She is not actively engaged in formal business but Brenda is a regular at bars and night clubs in Dubai. She recently made headlines after she allegedly stole a USD100 bill from a Nigerian client and stuffed it into her Yoyo, but  later, after thoroughly checking her body, the Nigerian forced her to pull out  the folded dollar bill from her Sompyo! A video in which she was seen pulling out the dollar bill from her Yoyo later went viral on social media.

Kaitesi Gold

She did her slaying in Kampala for quite a long time mbut when Kaitesi realised that it wasn’t paying off, she moved to Dubai where she did some stints, which helped her  attain exposure. The last we heard from Kaitesi she had hooked up with wealthy  Nigerian musician Don Jazzy, who is reportedly bankrolling her lifestyle ass he harvests her Goodies.


Latifah Kavuma aka T.K Berries

This one is daughter of wealthy city events promoter Musa Kavuma of K.T  Promotions. Latifah was a few years ago married to businessman  Ismail Kisambila but their marriage did not stand the test of time, thanks to her relentless partying sprees. Following the collapse of their marriage,  Latifah relocated to Dubai,  where she has been doing her thing a long time and chopping  money without fear or favour to anyone.


Shallot Sasha aka Shallot KFS

A very gorgeous young woman, Shallot has over time mastered the art of getting whatever she wants in life and she knows where to get everything she wants from; Dubai!  She is a Ugandan but Moles reveal  that Shallot spends more time in the United Arab Emirates than in her mother land,  thanks to her endless merrymaking.






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