Exposed: Bummy Socialite Jackie Rugasira Tight With Tycoon Honda

Exposed: Bummy Socialite Jackie Rugasira Tight With Tycoon Honda

By Team Exposed

Popular bootylicious socialite Jackie Rwivanga Rugasira aka Porshe, the estranged wife of city businessman Andrew Rugasira, is living life to the fullest, merrymaking without or favour to anyone.

We have learnt that ever since Jackie parted ways with her estranged hubby Rugasira, she has been on a freelance partying spree, whereby she indulges in partying with ‘Blessers’, ‘Investors’  and ‘Sponsors’, so long as they can afford her luxurious   lifestyle.

Well, Jackie’s latest ‘Sponsor’ cum ‘Blesser’ is a Mutooro Kampala  businessman only identified as Honda, who is a distributor of Honda motorcycles in Uganda.

Jackie Porshe relaxing with Ykee Benda and a pal

According to her pals, Jackie is these days said to be dishing out her Goodies to Honda, who is reportedly ferociously riding her the way one would ride a reverberating Honda motorbike.

Jackie has been living a Freelance party animal life for some time ever since she separated with Rugasira a few years back, with whom she has kids.

According to pals, the couple parted ways after Rugasira failed to cope up with Jackie’s endless partying sprees  that were usually punctuated with returning home late at night, which meant that he often had to open for her, nurse their babies and cater  for other house chores, instead of the other way round.

Jackie Rwivanga looking chic

Following their separation, Jackie   has since turned herself into a party animal of sorts, who is often merrymaking in Zanzibar, the Bahamas, Dubai, Thailand and other luxurious party destinations across the globe, courtesy of her Blessers and Investors, although tycoon Honda seems to be the dude enjoying her Things of late.

Stay tuned as hunt for details about her new fling!

Jackie Porshe enjoying life at beach  abroad

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