Exposed: Dark Secrets Of Chameleone’s ‘Untouchable’ Former Promoter Sipapa

Exposed: Dark Secrets Of Chameleone’s ‘Untouchable’ Former Promoter Sipapa

By Ivan Mwine

Very dark and shocking secrets of Charles Oryem aka Sipapa, who is a National Resistance Movement (NRM) mobiliser cum city music promoter have finally been exposed.

Sipapa has been in the news lately over allegations of recklessly driving a numberless monster Landcruiser in which he usually drives with armed military men who are reportedly his bodyguards.
Jose Chameleone with Sipapa before they fell out

However, much as he drives around with such pomp, Sipapa, who was some time back  singer Jose Chameleone’s promoter, is a man who has a rather a murky past that rotates around criminality.

Actually, Moles reveal that he survived being lynched by a group of residents in Kololo a few years ago  after he was linked to a house break-in.

Sipapa standing next to his monster numberless Landcruiser

After being severely clobbered, Sipapa, who had been stripped naked, was later rescued by cops who were doing  night patrol.

Moles reveal that the cops drove him to Mulago hospital for medical attention as they conducted investigations. He however managed to sneak away from hospital despite having been handcuffed to his hospital bed for two days.

Sipapa handcuffed on a hospital after he was rescued by cops from a mob in Kololo

Sipapa’s name has over years been linked to ‘Lipanda’, which is a notorious city gang whose members are known for burglary,  car break-ins, muggings, pickpocketing mourners at celebrity funerals, among other crimes.

It should be noted that Sipapa is a self-styled ‘rich man’ who has over the years hoodwinked many upcoming artistes by bankrolling some scribes and big name artistes so as to divert the attention of the masses from querying the source of his dime.

Incidentally, he is connected to top security officers for him he reportedly runs some errands, reason  why he goes untouched every time he commits any mischief.

Sipapa the day he went to State House to be endorsed by President Yoweri Museveni as NRM mobiliser

Some time back he almost made everyonebelieve that he had donated his red Range Rover Sport to Jose Chameleone during the time he was purportedly his promoter but the singer later came out and trashed the allegations.

The two fell out after Chameleone reportedly learnt about Sipapa’s dirty deals and severed all connections with him, including refusing to shoot a video with his (Sipapa’s) ex-lover Serena Batta.

Chameleone thereafter went ahead wrote on Facebook  a statement in which revealed why he had decided to cut ties with Sipapa, in which he stated thus; “From the day I knew Sipapa was a burglar, he got uncomfortable and we lost the logistics of friendship!!  It’s sad it’s all been interpreted in the name of a family conflict!!!! Yes. Daniella ain’t happy with some of my ways but above all I am not going to be belittled by a thief, Burglar, posing as a boss to disguise himself in my family issues. Last week after discovering he’s burglar, he got uncomfortable with our friendship.”

Chameleone added that; “Worst most posing as a millionaire with no permanent address. Mr, you have terrorized Prince Charles avenue Kololo and should put effort to prove me Wrong. Why were you almost killed for breaking into Jalal Elachkar House at 3:am, and Bob Kabonero’s house some day!”

Chameleone also stated that after exposing Sipapa and his gang, they had started threatening to take his life, something he laughed off as a joke!

“SIPAPA with your Gang. Threatening to Kill me is a joke!!! I dare you!!!You will pay for the bloody money and poses you pose. You can lie to anybody hungry for money. But for me who discovered that you have people crying as you brag!!”, he concluded.

He thereafter shared photos of Sipapa in a terrible state after he had been clobbered.

Who is Sipapa?

Little is known about his childhood and education background but he hails from Mbale. Sources reveal that he started out as casual labourer doing odd jobs in Makindye and Katwe.

It is alleged that after doing menial jobs for some time he reportedly joined a group of hardcore youthful gangs in the area that introduced him to dirty deals.

During that time, he used to train martial arts, boxing and body building, skills that helped him a lot in his line of trade.

How Entered Music Industry?

After landing lots of dime in his dirty deals, Sipapa started tagging himself around singers like Jose Chameleone as his friends.

After befriending Chameleone he decided to fully join the music industry as a promoter.

He pumped lots of money in an upcoming musician identified as Melody to compose a song in which to feature Chameleone. Sipapa then paid a lot of money to Chameleone to promote the song.

He later continued masquerading as a music promoter and went on to sign upcoming singers Serena Batta, Brown Sugar and Liane Nakaweesa to shield his image and source of income.

He conceals his shady actions by purporting to be a music promoter under his new record label Sipapa Entertainment.

 Sipapa Beats Women

Besides being a shady businessman, Sipapa also has habit of assaulting his bonkmates.

He was some time back dating singer Serena Batta but they fell out badly after she accused him of subjecting her to domestic violence.

After living with him for a long time, Batta decided she could no longer stomach Sipapa’s beatings so she decided to flee their rented house in Najeera  to start up a new life without him.

He later hooked up with another upcoming singer only identified as Brown Sugar whose music career he was bankrolling.

However, just Batta, Brown Sugar suffered the same fate of being turned into a punching bag of sorts and it was not long before she also decided to dump him and find a life elsewhere.  

Although domestic violence is criminal, Sipapa has never been prosecuted for battering Batta or Brown Sugar, despite the two women having reported cases at police, simply because he is ‘untouchable.’  

Therefore, Ugandans shouldn’t wonder why he goes around town doing mischief because he knows no policeman is ‘brave enough’ to arrest him.

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