Exposed: How  Sexy TV Star Alaine, Singer Namubiru Almost Wrecked Prince Wasajja’s Marriage

Exposed: How  Sexy TV Star Alaine, Singer Namubiru Almost Wrecked Prince Wasajja’s Marriage


By Mable Nakibuuka

All is not well between top Buganda Prince David Wasajja and his wife Omuzaana Marion Nankya,  who got married in 2013 at a glamorous wedding ceremony that was held in Kampala.

Our Snoops reveal that the cause of marital woes between   Wasajja and Nankya is his endless partying sprees with city belles, among them sexy TV star Allen Kankunda aka Alaine Alya and popular musician Iryn Namubiru.

Our Snoops reveal that the Prince’s endless merrymaking with Alaine caused a rift between him and Nankya because he would reportedly spend long nights out marauding city hangouts, leaving his wife at home to brave coldness, something that left her feeling very lonely.

Prince David Wasajja with singer Iryn Namubiru

However, after partying with Alaine for some time, the Prince was compelled to part ways with her  because their rendezvous were becoming common knowledge to many people in his circles, just as were the stories about his marital woes.

But reports reaching our gossip desk indicate that Kankunda is likely to have changed goal posts in her love life.

A snoop intimated that these days Kankunda is too tight with a top NBS TV boss whose identity we shall not reveal due to litigation issues.

Reports indicate that Kankunda could have landed the TV show slot at Sanyuka TV courtesy of her ‘technical know who’ with the TV boss.

Meanwhile, Kankunda  was enjoying a fling  with a loaded Sudanese national only identified as Omar, who had upgraded her lifestyle to a celebrated slay queen in Rubaga areas. Omar at one time bought Kankunda a Toyota Kruger car, but when he discovered that she was seeing another guy secretly, he froze the financial power and retracted the car from her on accusations of cheating.

Sexy Alaine Alyah

She lost the good life she had gotten used to after being dumped by Omar and started hustling again. During her romantic days with Omar, Kankunda was a regular partier at uptown happening places in Munyonyo, Kololo and the city center.

Meanwhile, after sometime, she landed into Wasajja’s circles and they started linking up for party sprees from henceforth, until they were allegedly nabbed together boozified cruising in his car and the Prince was advised to distance himself from the party loving Kankunda.

Since then, Kankunda has been living a low profile until she surfaced on TV screens. Sources say Kankunda’s pals were left mesmerized after seeing her on TV.

Meanwhile, when Kankunda was pushed out of Wasajja’s party life, there came sexy singer Iryn Namubiru.

Our Snoops intimate that Namubiru and Wasajja  became so close  with each other that they often partied together,  leaving and on such occasions he would leave Nankya at home tending to their babies.

Omuzaana Marion Nankya looking very troubled

However, the Prince’s partying sprees with Namubiru came to a halt in November last year after they survived drowning in the tragic  MV Templar, in which over 32 people who had gone of a boat cruise perished.

Wasajja, who had gone a private boat cruise party with Namubiru and several of their friends aboard the MV Templar, survived death by a whisker after the vessel developed mechanical problems and capsized in Lake Victoria.

Namubiru, Wasajja and a few others  managed to survived the mass death after being rescued by fishermen who  responded to the scene shortly after it occurred.

It was then that many people discovered how close Wasajja and Namubiru were, because while merrymaking on the boat  a few hours before it capsized the two had been filmed ferociously enjoying each other.

Snoops reveal however that ever  since the boat tragedy Namubiru and Wasajja  have since maintained a cordial distance between each other because none of them new their  closeness would ever come into the public realm.

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