Exposed: How Wealthy Kenyan Governor Khaemba Bonked Ex-Minister Ajedra’s Wife, Sired Kid With Her

Exposed: How Wealthy Kenyan Governor Khaemba Bonked Ex-Minister Ajedra’s Wife, Sired Kid With Her

By Ivan Mwine

Exposed: How Wealthy Kenyan Governor Khaemba Bonked Ex-Minister Ajedra’s Wife, Sired Kid With Her

The marriage of former minister Gabriel Ajedra Aridru is on the rocks after a filthy rich Kenyan banker bonked his now estranged wife and even sired a child with her.

Information from credible sources indicates that Ajedra, who is the former state Minister for Finance, dragged his now estranged wife identified as Elizabeth Kamuhanda to court, praying for a divorce.

Hon. Gabriel Ajedra with Elizabeth Kamuhanda and their guests on their wedding day

Some of the grounds on which Ajedra wants court to annul their marriage include cheating on him with a Kenyan banker identified as Patrick Khaemba, with whom she produced a daughter that Ajedra raised thinking and believing that he was the biological father, only to be disproved by a DNA test he conducted years later.

According to their affidavits seen by our reporters, Ajedra also accuses Kamuhanda of allegedly cheating on him with another man identified as Brian Williams Ahimbisibwe Whom she used to have sex with inside their marital home in Najjera.

Some of the documents filed in court pertaining to the Divorcee Cause

The former Minister alleges in his affidavit filed at the High Court Family Division vide Divorce Cause No. 152 of 2021, that whereas  Kamuhanda claimed that Ahimbisibwe is her adopted brother, it  turned out that he was actually her lover and that the two on several occasions enjoyed sex marathons in his marital home.

However, Kamuhanda, who admitted that by the time Ajedra proposed to her she was pregnant with another man’s child from her past relationships, avers in her affidavit that she has never had sex with Ahimbisibwe and that they only cooked up the said affair in a bid to capture his attention after he had started neglecting her.

Kamuhanda Cheats With Khaemba

Having followed this article from the beginning, it is clear at this point that Ajedra’s marriage, which was solemnized in 2017, was destroyed by two men who were drilling his wife (Kabahuma) behind his back and let’s start with Khaemba.

Kenyan Governor Patrick Khaemba who sired kid with Kamuhanda

According to our Moles, Khaemba is the father of the child identified as Ajedra Gabriel Aridru, whom Kabahuma claimed was Ajedra’s child until a DNA test proved otherwise in 2021, eight years later after he had been raising the child as his own.

Information gathered indicates that although he has since left Uganda, Khaemba is the former African Development Bank Country Representative, a position he held until 2021 when he left for Kenya to join politics.

Currently Khaemba is the Governor of Trans Nkoia County in Kenya, serving his last of the two terms.

It is said that Khaemba, who is 67 years old, has three wives and  several children, among them Kamuhanda’s daughter.

Khaemba met Kamuhanda during the time he was working in Uganda as the ADB Country Representative and together they enjoyed relentless romping until the time he ballooned her.

By the time he left the country she had produced their child but deceived Ajedra that he was the biological father and it was only after they developed marital  problems that he learnt the horrifying truth, which shocked him to the marrow.

So Ajedra discovered years later that Kamuhanda had been secretly getting child support from both Khaemba and him.  

But by then, Khaemba had already left the country and Ajedra had spent a lot of dime on the child yet there was nothing much he could do to recover it.

Moles intimate that the former minister broke into tears on discovering that the lovely girl he had been paying fees for in millions of shillings at an international school was not his own blood, but had been fathered by the Kenyan politician. 

We have established that on learning that the lovely little girl belongs to the Kenyan politician, the Ugandan honourable was thrown in a turmoil of deep thoughts and became so vulnerable, thus allegedly turning cruel to the estranged wife.

It is alleged that out of anger, he even stalled the construction of the mansion he was setting up for Kamuhanda and their kids in Ssonde.

It started like this, but ended up in tears

It is revealed that the former Minister’s estranged wife tricked him in 2012 that she was pregnant for him and he got so excited  that he showered her with lots of gifts until years later when he discovered the child isn’t actually his blood and bone.

Who Is Khemba:

Born December 14, 1955, in Bungoma District, Kenya, Khaemba is the Governor of Trans-Nzoia County in Kenya. He was elected into office in 2013 during the Kenya general elections.

He is a member of the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy and was elected under the Forum for the Restoration of Democracy. Khaemba, before joining politics served as the Head of the African Development Bank in Uganda. 

He was later appointed Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Livestock Development before taking up a position with the United Nations for a short while.  In 2013 he vied for gubernatorial seat in Trans-Nzoia County and was elected.

Kamuhanda Cheats With Ahimbisibwe

Moles reveal that years later after Khaemba had returned to Kenya, Kamuhanda hooked up with Ahimbisibwe, whom she claimed was her brother.

It is alleged that Ahimbisibwe and Kamuhanda spent years bonking inside Ajedra’s marital home and bed especially whenever he was away at work and it was not until he planted spy cameras in the house that he managed to nab them.

Brian Williams Ahimbisibwe, who was drilling Kamuhanda behind Ajedra’s back

However, all along Kamuhanda had been deceiving him that he is her brother who had been adopted by her parents several years back and that he had nowhere to stay in Kampala, reason why she had taken him to their marital home.

We have since established that  Ahimbisibwe is an HIV/AIDS Volunteer Social Worker, who hails from Kabale District, which also happens to be Kamuhanda’s place of birth.

Ahimbisibwe is married to a lady  only identified as Harriet and it is said that he was cheating on her with Kamuhanda for a long time until  they were busted.

Kamuhanda is related to former Prime Minister Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda, who is her uncle, according to sources.

We have established that the Kabale based Kamuhanda’s family members were left shocked because the scandal is bound to soil their reputation  now that it has since gone public.

Ajedra Hooks Alybhai

Meanwhile, we have established that after learning about her infidelity and shameless behaviour, Ajedra decided to dump Kamuhanda and hook up former K-FM presenter Aisha Alybhai, whom he has since moved in with.

Ajedra has since hooked up with Aisha Alybhai and they are set to get marriedd

Word from Moles is that the two have since produced a son and they plan to wed early next year after court annulling their now irreparable marriage, although  that is a story for another day, so just watch the space!

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