Exposed: Prophet Mbonye’s Elusive Love Life And Why He Parted Ways With Ex-Miss Uganda Ellah

Exposed: Prophet Mbonye’s Elusive Love Life And Why He Parted Ways With Ex-Miss Uganda Ellah

By Ivan Mwine

Very shocking information that has just landed on our gossip desk indicates that flashy city pastor Prophet Elvis Mbonye lives a very elusive sex life, something that has left many of his followers with raised eyebrows over time.

Word from our  Moles is that Mbonye,  who is the founder poster of Zoe Ministries International, owns a fleet of cars, lives a high-end lifestyle and sits on a chair that is made of pure gold during his services.

However, sources close to Mbonye reveal that for some reasons best known to him, the Prophet ensures that he surrounds himself with men.

Prophet Mbonye seated on the golden chair during a church service

According to the Moles, there are some men who are very special in Mbonye’s life, among them politician Joseph Kabuleta,   who is often in his company.

Still for reasons best known to him, Mbonye tells his believers that he is married to woman identified as Harriet Mbonye.

Sexy former Miss Uganda Ellah parted ways with Mbonye

However, for all the years he has been ministering Mbonye’s said wife Harriet has never attended any of his prayer sessions.

It is said that whenever followers or anyone else asks him about Harriet, Mbonye tell them that he instructed her to always follow his services and pray on TV.

Mbonye’s fleet of cars being followed by bodyguards

It should be noted that very few people in Uganda, if any, can come out publicly and confess having attended Mbonye’s wedding.  

The decision to keep his said wife away from the public eye, yet it is almost a culture of sorts for all pastors to preach with their wives at their churches, has left many unanswered questions amongst Mbonye’s followers, especially the married ones.

When combined with his other strange decision of always being in company of men and making his followers, especially the males kiss his shoes, have sparked off controversy over time.

As if that’s  not enough, it should be recalled that some time back Mbonye was said to be deeply involved with former Miss Uganda Stella Nantumbwe aka Ellah and  it was said then that was injecting lots of dime in her, including bankrolling her lavish birthday bash.

Politician Joseph Kabuleta is Mbonye’s tight pal

However, the purported fling with Ellah didn’t materialize into anything and talk about the same has since lost steam.

At the time word spread that they were intimately involved, Mbonye never came out to either deny or admit the rumours.

But, some Moles intimate that Ellah also decided to part ways with Mbonye after reportedly failing to cope up with his strange love life.

Mbonye’s Zoe Ministry started in 2014 when he started organising quarterly fellowships at Hotel Triangle on Buganda road.

The numbers have since multiplied, forcing the fellowship to move from Buganda Road to Open House near Watoto church and later, Theatre La Bonita.

In 2015 the ministry moved to Imperial Royale hotel and a year later to Aya hotel because of the overwhelming numbers.

After a brief stint at Kololo ceremonial grounds, the weekly fellowship is now held at Kyadondo Rugby grounds and at times at Lugogo Show Ground every Tuesday evening.

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