Exposed: Secrets Of Vivian Tendo’s New Lover Wakiso Giants FC Boss Atagenda

Exposed: Secrets Of Vivian Tendo’s New Lover Wakiso Giants FC Boss Atagenda

By Ivan Mwine

We revealed on this website yesterday that Wakiso Giants FC boss Musa Atagenda is too tight for comfort with singer Vivian Tendo, and that the two  are set to officialize their romping soon.

Tendo and Atagenda have been reportedly enjoying romps for the past several weeks and as you read this, Atagenda has since pasted her photos all over his social media platforms.

However, Moles reveal that whereas he is currently head over heels for Tendo, Atagenda, who is immensely wealthy, is a fan of the Pick & Play game.

Musa Atengenda wished Vivian Tendo a happy birthday on Instagram

The Moles intimate that most of the babes who have landed in his Pick & Play mix usually start off as Wakiso Giants FC ambassadors but in the long run they end up mixing business with pleasure.

Musa Atagenda with family at his daughter’s birthday

It should be noted that before he hooked up with Tendo, Atagenda was reportedly in a relationship with singer Leila Kayondo, who is socialite Suleiman Kabangala Mbuga alias SK Mbuga’s former lover.

Musa Atagenda with Grace Lindsay Mbabazi

Leila and Atagenda’s fling was short-lived, just like her ambassadorial deal with Wakiso Giants FC was and these days it’s Tendo who is his soft spot.

Atagenda with one of his babes

However, prior to hooking up with Leila, Atagenda, who has tots from various babes, was reportedly chewing a babe identified as Grace Lindsay Mbabazi.

Atagenda with his baby mama and kid

Atagenda was so deeply engrossed into Mbabazi to the extent that  he reportedly bankrolled her lifestyle for a long time until they parted ways.

He is also linked to another babe only identified as Zaitun, who is said to be one of his baby mamas.

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