Exposed: Sheebah Karungi’s ‘Hubby’ Finally Unearthed

Exposed: Sheebah Karungi’s ‘Hubby’ Finally Unearthed

By Ivan Mwine

Very many people have for a long time been wondering who is chewing celebrated musician Sheebah karungi.

Well, you all need to   worry no more, because our Moles have finally unearthed him or rather her.

Our Moles reveal that Sheebah is deeply involved with a city Tom-boy identified as Mariam Jumba and she is the one responsible for servicing her whenever she needs to be serviced.

Sheebah Karungi with Mariam Jumba in London

The Moles contend that Jumba has been servicing Sheebah for a long time and is the one who is always with her at city hangouts.

Jumba and Sheebah are usually doing things couples in love do like cuddling  and touching each other passionately.

Loved Up Couple: Sheebah Karungi with Jumba at a city hangout

Sheebah is so tight with Jumba that even when she gets a gig to perform abroad the fly out of the country together.

Indeed, the two traveled together to London a few days ago where Sheebah had a show and Moles there reveal that they were all over each other.

It should however be noted that although she is not officially married, Jumba has a daughter who is about four years old.

Sheebah and Jumba lovingly toast during the launch of Holic Pads

Moles reveal that thanks to their passionate closeness, Sheebah hired Jumba as her Personal Manager and she is religiously executing her duties.

Jumba, who is the dude in this affair, is said to have hooked up with Sheebah  following her fallout with female rapper Jocelyn Tracy Keko, who  later relocated to Canada.

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