Exposed: Single & Lonely Slay Queens Invade Twitter Hunting For Love

Exposed: Single & Lonely Slay Queens Invade Twitter Hunting For Love


By Our Reporter

Although Twitter was initially meant to be a platform for serious businessmen, politicians and corporate figures, social media analysts contend that of recent   thousands of slay queens have invaded the platform.

What’s even most interesting is that these slays queens are very single, extremely lonely and hungrily yearning for love, or at least company.
Cadette is one of those very sexy but lonely Tweeps

As a result, many of these slay queens have since resorted to buying lots of data such that they can upload as many pictures as they can on Twitter, which they always accompany with captions in which they either beg guys for likes, hookups or follow backs.

Which man wouldn’t be charmed by Ghetto Kid’s smile?

These lonely slay queens on Twitter are very many but today we bring you the first batch and promise to unveil many others in our next updates. Make sure you enjoy the optical nutrition!

Kamaliza Shane is one of the hottest Tweeps
Pretty African is so single and lonely
Martha Kahunde not only claims to be single but also virgin
Atuhaire Carol is a popular slay queen on Twitter
Tracy Keyla Kem is single, sexy and lonely


Joy Bae is one of the most randy slay queens on Twitter and a seductress
Ngarambe Sharon is single but pals say she is a party animal
Lorna is also sexy, single and lonely
Phionah Nalwadda is a God-fearing girl humbly waiting for Mr. Right
One of Naturinda Shilla’s cheeky tweets
Naturinda Shilla Karungi is a lonely angel in need of company and a Tigress of sorts
Omusheshe Tracy is not only lovely but also tempting to touch

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