Exposed: South Sudanese Tycoon Tito Tong’s Dark Legacy

Exposed: South Sudanese Tycoon Tito Tong’s Dark Legacy

By Ivan Mwine

Former Monalisa Bar owner Tito Tong Who passed away early this week left a very dark legacy and is a man who is said to have put meaning to the biblical teaching that; ‘He who lives by the sword dies by the sword (Mathew 26:52).

At peak  of his prime time in Uganda, Tito Tong owned Monalisa Bar along Ben Kiwanuka Street and Monalisa Royale in Kabusu, which  however had collapsed by the time he relocated from Uganda back to South Sudan, where he is said to have shot himself dead as a result of depression and self-denial.

But sources reveal that death came as a huge relief for Tong because he had been battling several court cases involving kidnap and murder.

Tito Tong lived large in Kampala

Murder of Stepbrother

The trigger-happy chubby Tong was convicted of the kidnap, torture and murder of his stepbrother Osman Aculi by a Sudanese court in Juba a few years back.

 He was immediately handed a life sentence and thereby taken away to start serving his sentence.

It is said that Tong hired services of South Sudanese most notorious hitmen to kill Osman, who was his father’ blue-eyed boy, after Tong proved not competent enough to run his father’s businesses due to a crazy lifestyle of partying, drinking and smoking like a chimney, thanks to Kampala women and influence from peers.

Police tracked down the murderers who upon arrest, confessed that they had been acting on the orders of Tito Tong, who had by then relocated to Kampala.

Tito Tong used to drive cars with private number plates

Living Luxuriously In Kampala

Formerly a business associate of Ugandan musician Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleone, Tong used to  live a very luxurious life in Kampala, whereby he would blow millions of shillings in city night bars almost on a daily basis and bonk any babe he wanted.

Tito Tong used to cruise Hummers with a personalized number plates ‘Tong’ during his heydays on the streets of Kampala.

Tong and his gang of ‘long’ Navy-blue Dinkas run Kampala city night life with impunity for some time, especially after they started up the Monalisa bars.

They would torture and shoot at anyone with ease courtesy of  their connections to the ‘Kawukumi’  that characterized the Ugandan Police Force then.

It should be noted that almost all Uganda’s security agencies feared Tong because he was rich and a son of then South Sudan IGP Tito Dominik. He owned several properties around the city and indeed lived by the sword.

Tong Murders Girlfriend, Gets Away With It

During his time in Kampala Tong had a Tanzanian girlfriend identified as Yasmin Hassan for whom he had rented an apartment in Nakawa. One night, they had a huge quarrel during which he beat her severely and even shot her. Neighbours ran to her rescue and rushed her to hospital but sadly she succumbed to her injuries. She was  a senior six student at one of the city schools and presumed to be underage.

Tong was later arrested but managed to buy his way out of prison because of the rot in Uganda’s judicial system and the Kawukumi in the police.

Singer Tindatiine Survives Tong’s Bullet

A few years later he started dating Lady Mariam Tindatiine but the affair was short-lived after he caught her with another man in the house.

It is said on nabbing them, Tong pulled out an AK-47 rifle to finish them off but Tindatine and her lover escaped by jumping from the second floor of the house to the ground.

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