Exposed: Uganda’s Sexy Travelling Girlfriends

Exposed: Uganda’s Sexy Travelling Girlfriends


By Nellie Nakitende


You have seen them flaunt their booty in enticing swimsuits. You have seen them paint the streets of Kampala with money, then   seen them sharing pictures on Instagram or Snapchat of them merrymaking in London, Dubai, Barbados, Las Vegas, Canes Islands and other party destinations.

I’m talking about the sexy travelling girlfriends. There is no place under the sun that they haven’t been too. From Dubai to Paris, Seychelles, UK, USA, China, Nigeria, The Maldives, the list goes on and on.

One may wonder who these fine ladies are and who finances their extravagant and luxurious journeys. Don’t they ever work? Are they all about fun, fine dining, wining, partying and dressing up?

Well, today exclusively unveils for you Uganda’s Travelling Girlfriends, a group of girls solely dedicated to enjoy life, chop money and travel around the world.

The group consists of eight girls. Although a few of them are camera shy, only six of them appear in the photographs Tinah Teise, Fatuma Asha, Ummie Lynn, Stacey Kyomuhangi, Prim Asiimwe and Nadia Matovu.

It all started last year when Tinah Teise, the NTV Login presenter wanted to celebrate her birthday in style.

She invited her friend who in turn told the others. It took them a few months to organize the trip to Seychelles Islands; from booking hotels to defining attires that will suit this adventure.  It’s a much knit circle that birthed the travelling girlfriends.

It’s not as easy as it looks on social media since planning a trip takes a lot of time, effort, dime and determination to actually pull it off.

These girls go through months of planning since they all have busy schedules and commitments. Once they have all come up with a destination, they each pitch funds which are non-refundable in case you fail to show up.

Fatuma Asha a well-known Ugandan Fashion designer, puts in her efforts to creating fabrics that suit the said destinations.

The Travelling Girlfriends on one of their trips

While planning, they always include a photographer whose services are heftily paid for.

Let’s talk about the financing of what looks to be an extravagant trip. These ladies are neatly placed in all working spheres from fashion, to media, to modelling, to cosmetology and photography of course. It’s not surprising that the monies they earn from these ventures they save a few pennies to finance these trips around the world.

It’s not easy planning a trip alone but with a group it’s much easier because each of you has a responsibility to the other. As we wait for more pictures of the next destination to grace our screens from these beauties, we wish them luck and we unveil them for you our dear readers.


Who are the Travelling Girlfriends?

The Travelling Girlfriends posing with a stuffed tiger

Mwaj Ahmed alias Mwajuma Ahmed

She is fashionista, a travel enthusiast, stylist and a businesswoman. She owns Mwaj Collections at Equatorial Mall and a wholesale shop downtown.


Fatuma Asha alias Fatuma Nakaziba

This one is a fashion Designer, businesswoman and a makeup Artist. She has dressed some of the big names like Anita Fabiola, Bettina Tianah, Sheila Gashumba, and Rema Namakula.


Christine Kyomujuni aka Tinah Teise

The NTV Login presenter is a travel enthusiast, events host, Brand Influencer, Public Relations Officer at Club Play, host of Bakiga Nation festival, among other roles.

They decided to dress like humble African ladies in Nigeria


Nadia Matovu

She is daughter of tycoon Charles Mbiire, a Business Analyst at Deloitte, a mother and wife of wealthy city businessman Yasser Matovu.

Nadia Kabahita Matovu

Prim Asiimwe

This darling is radio host at Galaxy FM, a mother and wife of renowned comedian Alex Muhangi.


Stacey Kyomuhangi Bainomughisa

She is businesswoman, makeup artist, owns New York Salon in Makindye and a travel enthusiast

Tinah Teise having a blast during one of their trips


Gloria Lindwa alias Gloria Namulindwa

This one is a socialite, religious party animal, a mother, businesswoman and wife of media personality Ras B Ssali.

Gloria Namulindwa

Ummie Lynn

Lovely Lynn is a businesswoman, model and an ambitious young lady who is doing her thing in the fashion industry.

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