Exposing Museveni’s Scheme Of Capturing The State to Hand It Over To His Son Muhoozi Keinerugaba

Exposing Museveni’s Scheme Of Capturing The State to Hand It Over To His Son Muhoozi Keinerugaba

By Muhimbise George.

The other day, Parliament was shocked to learn that the government was borrowing Ugx 520 billion to construct 116 schools of which only Ugx 200bn to was planned for the construction works while Ugx 317 bn would be used to monitor the said projects.

The Minister of Education who sanctioned this scam is Hon Janet Museveni who also doubles as the first lady. This Janet was at once alleged to have traveled to Israel nine times in a period of ten days when she was the Minister of Karamoja. To some people, corruption is in the DNA.

That is not the issue, the issue is that recently President Museveni made a decree that contracts in Ministry of Education and health be taken over by UPDF. The defacto commander of UPDF is Muhozi Kainerugaba. Although he officially commands the land forces, we all know that he is the real army commander as the official commander Wilson Mbadi is his former Junior at Special forces which he commanded. Special force is a military outfit that Museveni created within the army and handles special political operations. The age limit project in which MPs were beaten up is one such project.

If you are surprised why Museveni chose education and health, be informed that the two including water have a total budget allocation of close to Ugx 7.7 trillion shillings in this financial year.

So by awarding these contracts to UPDF means that all this money is going to be controlled by Muhozi to champion his evil Presidential bid.

If you think am joking, ask yourself why the other day it’s Muhozi who saved the national basketball club when they were stranded in Rwanda by footing their bill of 80 million Ugx. Don’t get surprised tomorrow when you see Muhozi becoming the sponsor of Uganda cranes or when musicians start running to him for hand outs.

Remember that defence and security which are under the office of the President were allocated Ugx 6.9 trillions this year. All this money is in hands of Museveni, Muhozi, Janet, and Saleh. So when you combine the two sectors that are indirectly being controlled by Muhozi they make Ugx 15.6 trillions.

Ministry of Works is headed by Gen Katumba Wamala a serving UPDF soldier. There is no doubt that Muhozi can command Katumba because in army you don’t question your commander.

If you think am joking be reminded that the other day President Museveni directed UNRA to award contracts for nine roads to some companies without following procurement laws. On these projects, Museveni also negotiated loans without following public finance management act. Certainly, many directives don’t come to the media! UNRA has a budget of 3.5 trillion this year, if you add it on Ugx 15.5 trillion you will make 19 trillion.

The other ministry that has a bigger Budget is agriculture where the Permanent Secretary is a UPDF soldier one Maj Gen Kyomukama while Operation wealth creation is as well manned by the UPDF soldiers. These have a Budget of over Ugx 1.5 trillion and it is also in hands of the same family. The four sectors namely; defense and security, agriculture and production, works, human development (health and education) have a total budget of Ugx 20 trillion and they are also manned by the army which is under Gen Muhozi Keinerugaba.

Our total budget is Ugx 44 trillions, of which 12 will pay debts remaining with Ugx 32 trillions. So Muhozi and team are controlling Ugx 20 trillions. Don’t ask why the poor will remain poor and the rich become richer.

Ministry of Internal affairs which deals with the Electoral commission, immigration, national identity cards, police, etc is under Gen Otafire and David Muhozi as ministers and Lt Gen Musanyufu as a permanent secretary both serving officers and who can at some point pick orders from Kainerugaba.

So briefly, Museveni has captured the state and is preparing and handing it over to Muhozi Kainerugaba, which explains why the formal institutions are no longer working.

Museveni has appointed the so-called fishermen because he knows they are not doing anything after all the state is being run by some people in the deep state giving orders to the fishermen.

That’s why Gulu has become another state house where decisions are taken.

Ugandans especially those in opposition must work ahead because we are not fighting to remove a government but we are dismantling a state.

It’s high time we left the petty fights and focused on the real struggle.

The author is a member of Alliance for National Transformation . (ANT)

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