Eyebrows Raised As Museveni Daughter Diana Drops Hubby Kamuntu’s Name

Eyebrows Raised As Museveni Daughter Diana Drops Hubby Kamuntu’s Name

By Our Reporter

Several eyebrows have been raised and numerous unanswered questions popped up after President Yoweri Muuseveni’s daughter Diana Kamuntu applied to change names by dropping her husband Geoffrey Kamuntu’s name.

According to an application in the Uganda gazette seen by this website, Diana is applying to the National Identification Registration Authority (NIRA) to change names from Kamuntu to Karemera.


“NOTICE IS GIVEN THAT I, DIANA MUSEVENI KAMUNTU of P.O.Box 9021, Kampala, intend to apply to the National  Identification Registration Authority to change my name to DIANA MUSEVENI KYAREMERA,” the notice in the Uganda Gazette reads in part.

Diana Museveni’s notice of application to change names from Kamuntu to Kyaremera

“I intend to formally and absolutely renounce and abandon the use of the name KAMUNTU and assume and adopt in place of that name the name of Kyaremera,” the notice, signed September 29th, 2022, adds.

However, although it is not yet clear why Diana has since decided to change names from Kamuntu to Kyaremera, the Constitution of Uganda grants a Ugandan an opportunity to change their names under the Births And Deaths   Regulation S.I. No. 68 of 2015.

Diana Kyaremera is wife of Geoffrey Kamuntu, the deliberately introverted and least known of Gen Museveni’s sons-in-law.

They have been husband and wife for almost 20 years now, having got married in early 2000s.

Like her spouse, Diana is a private person and likes living low-profiled life.



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