Fabiola Fails To Pay Models Used In The Launch Of Fabiola Beauty Shop

Fabiola Fails To Pay Models Used In The Launch Of Fabiola Beauty Shop

By Simon Abaho

Media personality Anita Kyarimpa aka Anita Fabiola launched her makeup line on Sunday 3 October 2021 and dubbed it “Fabiola Beauty Shop”.  The shop will be dealing in lipstick, lip liner, lip gloss. and much more beauty products. the launch started with only lipstick, lip liner, and lip gloss as others will be coming with time.

Fabiola at the launch of her beauty Shop

The former Arapapa model, TV presenter, and actress used a number of models to advertise her products but according to our sources, she hasn’t paid for their services.

Fabiola with on of the models used.

“That slay Queen didn’t pay a penny to girls she used in advertising photos in her make-up shit. Not even make up for my girls, hehe these slay Queens will be using other mother’s daughters”. Our source said 

Gorgeous Fabiola with the Hubby at the Launch.

Additionally, another source claims that defaulting is her everyday game. 

“Fabiola tasasula, Ela ba modolo bekabileko nga bukyali. Olaba make up everywhere Alina ebanja Kati ba modolo,” A source said

Some of the products that were launched.

During the launch, Fabiola showed off and praised her lipstick but it is alleged that she didn’t use her own line. 

“But she hardly used her own lipstick on her own lipstick ku launch, lwaki asasula abakozi? Fabiola business is not easy, it will humble her,” Source.

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