Face Off: Singer Kusasira, Ashburg Katto Slam Radio 4 Boss Balaam Over Greed

Face Off: Singer Kusasira, Ashburg Katto Slam Radio 4 Boss Balaam Over Greed


 By Kwame Ismail Nkurunziza


In what seems like a coordinated campaign to expose and discredit popular events promoter cum businessman Balaam Barugahara, singer Catherine Kusasira on Thursday said that in all her entire life she has never come across a person who is as selfish, double-faced and jealous as Balaam.

Speaking viciously during an interview with NBS TV’s program ‘UNCUT Kalakata’, the ‘Wafuka Bikade’ singer calmly wondered why Balam is so selfish yet he is very wealthy.

Ashburg’s post about his cows that Balaam Barugahara didn’t deliver

She went on to reveal how  Balam, who is the Proprietor of Radio 4 and other business ventures in Kampala, had used  Ashburg Katto, a popular Facebook influencer and Andrew Mukasa aka Bajjo, a fellow events promoter, to secure money deals from President Yoweri Museveni, which he never delivered to them.

She also accused him of mudslinging Bebe Cool before the President for some favours.

Ashburg Katto’s hilarious post about the cows given to him by President Yoweri Museveni which later disappeared in thin air

However, Kusasira’s shocking  revelations came a day after Ashburg Kato, a former strong supporter of Bobi Wine, posted on his Facebook page complaining about how a well-connected person did not give him the 10 cows the president had given to him as a gift after he defected from Bobi Wine’s People Power camp to the National Resistance Movement (NRM).

In another interview, Bajjo had no kind words for Balaam and denied ever working with him before he left People Power.

However, when ExposedUganda.com contacted Balaam for his side of the story and to inquire about why Bajjo was attacking him, Balaam rubbished Bajjo as someone who is simply hungry for money and thinks it’s Balaam who had made it hard for him to meet the President to get the money.

However, Kusasira,  Ashburg Katto and Bajjo’s allegations come a few months after socialite Brian Kirimira aka Bryan White also fell out badly with Balaam, whom he accused of allegedly mudslinging him before the President, which culminated into his being barred from accessing State House again or seeking any audience with the Fountain of Honour.


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