Fallen Speaker Oulanyah’s Secret Baby Mama  Unearthed As Mourners Demand To See Corpse

Fallen Speaker Oulanyah’s Secret Baby Mama  Unearthed As Mourners Demand To See Corpse

By Ivan Mwine

Rt. Hon. Jacob Oulanyah, who was the Speaker of the 11th Parliament was a man who had a very elusive sex life.

It is well known that by the time of Oulanyah died, he was not known to have an official wife, following his divorce with former wife Lady Winnie Amoo Okot.

Oulanyah’s secret baby mama (in white and black dress) with is son at Kololo Independence Grounds

However, Moles reveal that following his divorce with Okot, Oulanyah hooked himself a side-dish, who satisfied his emotional and sexual needs for a long time, to the extent that she bore him a son.

According to Moles, after Oulanyah’s former wife Okot decided to snub the funeral, his secret baby mama has since taken over the position of being his ‘Widow’, fronting the son she bore for him for the world to see.

President Yoweri Museveni paying his last respects to fallen Speaker Jacob Oulanyah at Kololo Independence Grounds yesterday

However, Moles intimate that this said baby mama is likely to be the girl who caused the split between Oulanyah and Okot.

Jacob Oulanyah (RIP)

It is said that Okot decided to estrange herself from Oulanyah after she accused him of cheating on her with a house help  who was living at their marital home whom he was supporting.

Okot accused Oulanyah at the time of bonking the girl from their marital bedroom and by the time they divorced in 2016 it was alleged that he had ballooned her.

It is not surprising therefore that  his said secret baby mama has a son of around six years, who happens to be his last born.

Patricia Lakiidi (circled) was deeply involved with Oulanyah

However, Oulanyah is also said to have been deeply involved with another woman identified as Patricia Lakiidi.

According to Moles, Lakiidi was so emotionally attached to Lakiidi that  she was often around him before and during the time he was ill.

The Moles intimate that Lakiidi was with him in most of the places where he was hospitalized and for the last two weeks of vigil at the deceased’s Muyenga home, she has been the most referenced, recognized and thanked by all relatives, children and other knowledgeable stakeholders.

Besides being emotionally attached to him, sources reveal that Lakiidi, out of her much love for Oulanyah, cleared some of his medical bills and catered for his other needs whenever he reached out to her.

Lady Winnie Amoo Okot with her lover Derek Allison and Oulanyah’s daughters in USA

Meanwhile, it is not yet clear whether Oulanyah’s daughters with Okot will be traveling from America  to Uganda to attend his burial slated for tomorrow at his ancestral home in Lalogi village, Omoro District.

 In the same vein, Oulanyah’s body was flown to Omoro district where it was received by his father Nathan Lokori,  for the last vigil ahead of his burial.

However, many of the mourners were left complaining after being refused to view Oulanyah’s corpse.

Most of them took social media to complain about  the government directive not to open the casket containing Oulanyah’s corpse and here are some of their rants;

Betty Jocelyne Akoth:  It’s so sad that the regime can even dictate for family members not to even see their own after they are dead…how unethical is that…or ugly or shabby, it’s simply disturbing in all forms.

Mary Gorret Amusugut: Imagine such a situation that these wicked people can’t allow the old man see his own son. Their like they are not parents. They don’t even care how painful it is. Most especially a father burying his own son who has been helpful to the family and not a son to bury him. I can’t even hold my tears..

Kyakimwa Jeniffer Peace: Surely its so absurd that no even chance to view their own son. Creating questions among many.

Richard Iga: There is something terribly wrong with this funeral!! Why hide the dead and deny his loved ones and the nation at large, the opportunity to have the last look at their fallen hero???!!!

All rooms are open for speculation and rightly so! Whatever the fear and reason for hiding the body, whatever the cause of his death, whether he is really the person in that tightly closed coffin or not, all what we can say is: MHSRIP!! If it is true that there is life after death, I believe Kasirye Ggwanga is watching in disbelief from the terraces in his new world of the dead as he receives his friend also treated in a similar fashion!! Oh what a cruel world! What a reward for the ‘ honourable ‘ service to thy county!! One day ‘Isiah 14’ will be the preferred Biblical farewell message for those infallible iron fisted rulers of today, who are claiming ‘eternity’ in this life!


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