Fans Accuse Top Tanzanian Singer Nandy Of Practicing Juju

Fans Accuse Top Tanzanian Singer Nandy Of Practicing Juju

By Ismail Kwame Nkurunziza

Talented Tanzanian songbird  Nandy might have used her soothing voice and writing skills to gain fame and riches but don’t tell that to skeptic critics.

Recently a photo of  Nandy, 27, dressed on  traditional attire with face paint sitting on a red piece of cloth,  with gourds and what looked like a horn in front of her and other  fetishes surfaced on social media.

The photo which went viral sparked off debate among several Tanzanians and both fans and critics were quick to jump on it with many accusing the “Wasikudaganye” singer of dubbing in witchcraft.

Other fans of the singer and songwriter who is one of the most listened to female artistes in Tanzania  thought she might have intentionally leaked the photo to put her name in the headlines in order get fans ready for a music project she has been working on.

Popular Tanzanian singer Nandy standing on her ride in front of her swanky mansion

Nandy or Nandera real name Faustina Chales Mfinanga, is known to own posh cars and is said to have recently bought a multimillion shilling mansion.

In a saturated market where most musicians struggle to make enough to live comfortably the fan-favourite are frequently accused of serving the other ‘Master’ (Lucifer) in order to attain success.

In Uganda over the years the “Nekolera Mali” singer Jose Chameleone  is one of many celebrities that have  been relentlessly accused of  allegedly doing juju to remain on top of the charts or being members of the Illuminati secret society, allegations the singer has repeatedly denied.

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