Fans Go Gaga After Zuena Posts Cute Mummy Selfie

Fans Go Gaga After Zuena Posts Cute Mummy Selfie

By Isma Kwame Nkurunziza

Does  Zuena Kirema have the most beautiful face among celebrity wives?

If you ask her followers that is not far from the truth.

She recently posted on social media a cute selfie showing  her nose ring and model good looks which excited many of her fans, followers and admirers.

Zuena Kirema back then when she contested for Miss Uganda

Many of them took to her comment section comment to praise her beauty, with some going far as claiming  that she is not only a their role model but also the  most beautiful female celebrity wife in Uganda.

The 33-year-old  mother of 5 might have participated in Miss Uganda contest 17 years ago but any one blessed with the gift of sight comes to conclusion that she is a yummy mummy!

Zuena Kirema with hubby Bebe Cool

After perusing her Facebook page where she usually posts photos of her children, husband and updates on her business ventures like Zuena Pastries, here is some of what we have for you.


Zuena Kirema Ssali is a former Miss Uganda contestant, former NTV host, is a businesswoman, wife to Bebe Cool and mother. She is a very reserved woman, humble and down to earth person.

Zuena Kirema was born in Jinja District to parents of different races. Her mother is of Arab origin while her father is an African, a mixture of Munyankole and Tutsi from Rwanda.

The two met in Arua where her mother was pursuing her nursing course while her father was on his business duties.

Zuena’s mother was raised in Jinja, so after the two met, she told her friend (Zuena’s father) that after her education studies she will be going to work in Jinja Hospital. So her father had no choice but to relocate to Jinja to live with his wife. “That’s why people end up calling me a Musoga but I don’t care,” Zuena often tells pals.

After her S.6 Zuena joined an institute located in Kasanga to pursue Tourism. But by then she had given birth to her first child and was still breastfeeding.


Telling her story, Zuena says she had to drop out of school in her second year because she could not handle the pressure any longer.

Her husband used to escort her to attend lectures and while in class, he had to baby seat the child in the car and when the baby cried, he would text her to come breastfeed, so she would have to ask for permission to go and breastfeed the baby. All together, Zuena says her husband’s businesses were failing in the process so she had to quit studies.

For that reason, Zuena and her Bebe Cool collectively decided to end her studies to take care of the child and to allow her husband to carry on his routine work normally.

However, Zuena says today she doesn’t regret dropping out of school because she’s doing way better in life, after he started up for her many ventures, including her cake baking business.

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