Fans Make Fun Of Desire Luzinda’s ‘Forced’ English Accent

Fans Make Fun Of Desire Luzinda’s ‘Forced’ English Accent


By Isma Kwame Nkurunziza

There are two types of Ugandans in the western hemisphere; the type who speak English with a twang and the category that pronounces English words with a strong mother tongue accent, such that they sound as if they are forcing their accent.

Going by her latest video, the “Nyo nyo ddala” singer Desire Luzinda belongs to the latter group.

Moments after Desire posted a clip in which she is seen with her daughter Michelle singing a Christian hymn, fans took to her comment section to make fun of her pronunciations.

Desire Luzinda looking gorgeous

In the video the singer, who is known more for her curvaceous body than her singing abilities, sounds like she is saying “weebula pee without my Gizasi” instead  of ‘Where would I be without my Jesus?’

The singer might  have quickly noticed the mocking comments because in  less than an hour she posted  photos that clearly show  her famous jaw dropping curves.

Desire, who told journalists 2018 that she had become a born-again Christian, is  fond of posting about her church activities and seems to have finally put the dark past behind her.

Desire is remembered for appearing in a leaked video in which she filmed giving instructions to her lover on how to pleasure her.

The humiliating incident seems to have turned her world upside down and hardened her resolve to embrace Jesus in her life, so she resorted to divine intervention.

The mother of one  currently lives in the USA with her teenage daughter Michelle,  whose father she said is businessman Mike Kaddu, although army man Juma Seiko also claims paternity for the same child.

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