Farmers Cry Foul As Owori ‘Hijacks’ Gen. Saleh’s Roles At Operation Wealth Creation

Farmers Cry Foul As Owori ‘Hijacks’ Gen. Saleh’s Roles At Operation Wealth Creation


By Team Exposed Uganda

Farmers across the country and several stakeholders in the agricultural sector are crying foul, complaining that ever since former fashionista Sylvie Owori was inculcated into the Operation Wealth Creation (OWC), the government project is not performing according to its expected standards.

This is because, according to the aggrieved farmers, Owori, who was formerly the organizer of the Miss Uganda beauty pageant and had no inkling upon agriculture before her recruitment into OWC, has made  Gen. Salim Saleh, who heads the project, so inaccessible.

Many of the aggrieved farmers’ groups that have proposals  for agricultural projects that they want to be approved by Gen. Saleh have become frustrated, complaining that Owori put in place very strict conditions for anyone  who wants to seek audience with the General.

Owori currently works as the Executive Assistant to the Chief Coordinator OWC Gen. Salim Saleh, having been appointed to the role in 2017 by the General himself.

However, many farmers and stakeholders in the agricultural sector contend that she has often overstepped her mandate by operating as the defacto OWC boss, whereby she has a big say in who meets the General and who doesn’t, or whose project gets endorsed and whose doesn’t.

The matter   has become so serious that some aggrieved farmers who have been blocked from meetings with Gen. Saleh or whose proposals have been swept under the carpet are proposing to petition President Yoweri Museveni, through Lt.Col. Edith Nakalema, such that what was done at Uganda Revenue Authority (URA), Equal Opportunities Commission (EQC) and other government agencies can also be done at OWC.

It should be noted that the government  set up the OWC project in 2013 with intent to help all Ugandans across improve their livelihoods by engaging in agricultural activities.

Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) was launched by H.E the President in July 2013 as an intervention to efficiently facilitate national socio-economic transformation, with a focus on raising household incomes and wealth creation by transforming subsistence farmers into commercial farmers to end poverty.

This was after successful implementation with tangle outcomes of the pilot program launched to support Civilian-Veterans in the Luwero-Rwenzori Triangle

The project was at first managed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF), through the National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS), but later, after several scandals of corruption and mismanagement, President Museveni transferred the management of OWC to the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF), with  Gen. Salim Saleh as its head and Lt. Gen. Charles Angina as his Deputy.

But along the way, 2018 UPDF also took over the Miss Uganda franchise, which Owori had a very big say in, and it was not long before she talked the General into a marriage between OWC and Miss Uganda, and that was how she managed to end up  controlling the project behind the curtains, or rather closed doors!

However, efforts to contact Owori for a comment about the matter or how things are going on at OWC camps in Kasese and Kapeeka were futile because she couldn’t be reached  through her office lines.

In our next bulletin we shall expose for you secrets about Owori’s love life and why she wields so much power around the General.


Watch the space!

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