Female Customer Accuses Cafe Javas Of Serving Her A Milkshake With A Dead Rat

Female Customer Accuses Cafe Javas Of Serving Her A Milkshake With A Dead Rat

By Simon Abaho

A viral video of an angry customer who allegedly got served a vanilla milkshake with a dead rat at Cafe Javas, causes mixed reactions on social media.

We have landed on a video in which an angry female customer is heard complaining after finding a rat in her Café Javas vanilla milkshake. According to the girl, she found the rat after finishing the expensive milkshake.


She adds that she visited cafe javas Kamwokya and had dinner with the husband and after ordered for take away milkshake, on the way to Entebbe, she finishes her milkshake and wants to have part of the husband’s milkshake which was half away since the husband claimed he was full.

So the lady started feasting on the remaining milkshake, hence realizing there was a hard substance in the milkshake, and on looking she realized it was a rat.

Twitter fanatics had a lot to say about this horrifying incident.

The girl further revealed that she was told to find a lawyer in order to attract Café Javas’ attention.

“This a rat I found in my milkshake from Café Javas, yeah the people we feel so proud of…and they tell me to have this worked upon, I need to get a lawyer.” The girl revealed.

Cafe Javas is a classy fully-fledged restaurant specializing in delivering memorable dining experiences. The restaurant has several branches situated in Uganda’s Capital, Kampala, but this is very embarrassing.

At the moment, investigations are underway to ascertain whether it was a service mistake, or a planted rat by a malicious customer.

A video Footage of the Process of making the milkshake released

Cafe Javas Management has not come out to make a statement about the this incident.


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