Fille, Rema in Bitter Beef Over Rwandan Hunky Singer The Ben

Fille, Rema in Bitter Beef Over Rwandan Hunky Singer The Ben

By Mable Nakibuuka

There is bitter beef raging on between female Ugandan singers Fille Mutoni and Rema Namakula over a budding hunky Rwandan singer only identified as The Ben.

According to our moles, the beef between Rema and Fille started early this year, when The Ben recorded a song with each of them titled ‘This Is Love’, which has since sparked off a bitter clash between the two songstresses.

It is said that The Ben at first approached Fille and sealed a deal with her management to record the duet, and he offered to sponsor both the recording and the video shoot.

However, shortly after recording the song, Fille and her team were shocked to learn that The Ben had also signed a similar deal with Rema.

Before Fille knew what was going on, Rema and The Ben had already released their song with the same title, ‘This Is Love’ and it had already circulated widely on the airwaves,  thereby rendering theirs irrelevant,  because brand Rema is arguably bigger than the brand Fille.

Fille Mutoni with The Ben

We are told that currently, Fille and her management team are stranded with the song, because releasing it on the market will make them appear as if they plagiarised or just copied it from Rema.

This has however sparked off a bitter beef between the two gorgeous musicians to the extent that they no longer have kind words for each other, although The Ben seems to be smiling from one corner of his mouth to the other because he attained his goal of penetrating Uganda’s entertainment industry.

It is not yet clear whether Fille will abandon the song or she will go ahead with promotions despite Rema’s version having gone viral already.

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