Finally: Uganda’s Music Industry Gets Official Billboard

Finally: Uganda’s Music Industry Gets Official Billboard

By Ivan Mwine

In a bid to promote local talent and promote Uganda’s music to an international level,  we are proud to announce that the country has got an official music chart known as UG Billboard.

The initiative, which was launched in July this year, is aimed streamlining Uganda’s music industry to  raise it to a level whereby our musicians can ably compete on the international scene.

It should be noted that for several years there have been countless half-baked music chart lists  on radio and TV stations, most of which are determined by DJs or their music schedulers  hired by respective radio stations to do that job.

But that will no longer be the case with the event of UG Billboard, which is registered as the official music chart for Uganda.

Sources reveal that this official music chart has a team of music experts who are supposed do research and make the rankings basing on key factors like how much a musician appeals to fans,   album and digital sales, radio & TV airplays, touring, streaming and interactions on social media platforms and other online channels for music, etc, which will be used to determine who goes on the billboard.

It is through such vigorous criteria that a song can qualify to feature on the list of UG Billboard Chart, in a bid to phase out playlists that are created by some individual DJs or presenters on radio stations or clubs that lack a credible, transparent and proper ranking platform in the Ugandan music industry.

The initiative will not only be avenue booting Uganda’s music industry but will also give monthly awards to artistes who top artist the Billboard for the whole month.

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