Former K-FM Scribe Bettinah Resorts To Selling  Dildos

Former K-FM Scribe Bettinah Resorts To Selling  Dildos


By Kwame Ismail Nkurunziza

Could the former K-FM music selector Betinnah Tumuhaise be part of the booming but underground sex toys business?

It seems that way, going by her recent posts in the RX radio fans WhatsApp group.
Bettinah Tumuhaise is always on phone talking to clients

Posting in new but popular  group which has members who are notorious for  posting sex related content, the woman from Kanungu, who goes  by the name Bettinah Blessing, humorously captioned a photo of sex toys with words; “NTEBEYA BYANGE.

I see most people gushing about S.X, do people here ever talk about important issues like politics? for example politically speaking these Nankanis come in different sizes and colours, they will not give you stress BUT also don’t give you trust money(laughing emoji) akyitegede kuba mungalo za manyi (double laughing emojis) Girl child I got your back…Kale bye”.

Bettinah’s post about the sex toys she is selling and replies from some of the people on the RX Radio forum

She went on to reply and react to comments left on her post by glorifying sex toys. Although it’s still frowned upon by the majority of women in Kampala, there is good a number of young, lesbian and straight corporate women who consider sex toys like dildos, vibrators and others as essential items.

One of the women spoke to defended their use by saying that; “You men forget that women like sex too and some women find it hard to go long without having it.”

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