Former People Power Activist Basajjamivule Brandishes Gun, Ready For  Bobi Wine Rioters

Former People Power Activist Basajjamivule Brandishes Gun, Ready For  Bobi Wine Rioters


By Kwame Ismail Nkurunziza


Ever since TV host cum political activist Bwaddene Basajjamivule left People Power presidential contender Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine and joined  President Yoweri Museveni’s camp he has done two things; downplay the strength of  the opposition and secure himself with a gun.

We can inform all Ugandans that although Basajjamivule was once a renowned journalist, these days he has since either turned into a security operative or decided to acquire a gun, just in case he lands into Bobi Wine supporters one of these days.

Basajjamivule’s warning message  on Facebook

Going by this photos and videos that have since gone viral on social media, Basajjamivule is seen brandishing a pistol and anyone who sees these snaps would not be wrong to come to a conclusion that the man with a booming voice is not about to stop trying to exert his power or protect himself from Bobi Wine and People Power supporters, who have no kind words for him.

Basajjamivule, who used to be considered as one of the leading critics of Museveni on TV, nowadays regularly posts videos either showing  how he has turned around his life using agriculture or criticizing opposition supporters and activists especially, Bobi Wine.

Basajjamivule with Bobi Wine before he quit People Power

Reacting to the Basajjamivule’s photos, veteran journalist  Stanley Ndawula, who used to be close to high ranking police and army officers including one who is a minister today, simply captioned the photo and short clip with Luganda words; “oba ebintu ebimu yandibirese okubikola”. This can be loosely translated to mean that; “Perhaps he (Basajjamivule) shouldn’t be doing certain things.

Journalist Stanley Ndawula’s post about Basajjamivule showing off a gun

Other commentators on his page left comments that dismissed Basajjamivule as another man facing mid-life crisis, while others insinuated that by trying to show off his gun  it was because he was so excited to finally be close to people who wield real power.

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