Former State House Aide Rwakanuma Smoked Out With Mystery Babe

Former State House Aide Rwakanuma Smoked Out With Mystery Babe


By Mable Nakibuuka

Jeff Rwakanuma, a former State House aide, who flopped during the National Resistance Movement (NRM) primaries for Isingiro West MP seat, seems to have resorted to enjoying himself these days, ever since his political ambitions were thwarted  by his opponent.

Moles intimate that after failing to  make it as the NRM flagbearer for the 2021 parliamentary elections, Rwanakuma, who is married  to a gorgeous belle identified as Allen Karungi,  seems intent on living a good life with people around him.
Jeff Rwakanuma’s gorgeous wife Allen Karungi

According to his pals, the man is at times spotted with cruising in his ride with a mystery, whereas at other times he is with pals at hangouts in Mbarara merrymaking.

However, his partying antics aside, Moles also intimate that Rwakanuma has been on Katebe ever since he  quit his job at State House such that he could contest for the NRM primaries, not knowing that he would lose  to his  opponent.

So following the big blow to his political career, his pals reveal he is trying everything possible to make the loose ends   meet, although at least keeps up appearances by shooting his buddies some pints once in a while.

Meanwhile, his wife Karungi, who never appeared at many of  her hubby’s campaign rallies for reasons best known to her, has since kept a low profile on social media, her Facebook and Instagram pages are no longer pasted with pictures of them cuddling it the case was some time back.

Our Moles our digging up more secrets about the Rwakanumas and will expose them soon.

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