FUFA Boss Magogo Ditches Baby Mama Dellah, Tight-Marks Deputy Speaker Amongi

FUFA Boss Magogo Ditches Baby Mama Dellah, Tight-Marks Deputy Speaker Amongi

By Ivan Mwine

The President of the Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) Eng. Moses Magogo seems to be after the old adage which says that greener pastures are usually on the other side.

As you read this, word coming in from our Moles is that he no longer has enough time for his baby mama Dellah Nassali aka Dellah Sally, who recently gave birth to their second born.

Moses Magogo with Dellah during their heydays

Although he is expected to be spending a lot of time with his ‘Nakawere’ Dellah, Moles intimate that the FUFA boss is instead concentrating on spending quality moments with the Deputy Speaker of Parliament Hon. Anita Amongi.

The Moles intimate that when Dellah is at home nursing the newborn baby day and night, Magogo is said to be holding lengthy private meetings with the Deputy Speaker, often discussing matters to do with politics and so much more.

Dellah Sally (L) having a nice time with pals

It should be noted that besides being FUFA president Magogo is also the Member Parliament for Budiope East constituency and to achieve this success, Amongi is said to have been his greatest mentor in the political realm.

It is for that reason that Moles who spot Magogo hanging around Among nowadays intimate that he could acquiring more political tactics from her such that he can become well-versed with political machinations come 2026.

Magogo with ‘Hajjati’ Anita Amongi at a function

However, whereas the two are enjoying all the quality political and personal deliberations, we are told Dellah is so sad and blue, always brooding and shedding tears of anguish in solitude, because she greatly misses her baby daddy.

As if that is not enough, Moles intimate that Dellah also has to brave long cold nights as she waits for Magogo to return from his late night duties and the only option she has is to hug the pillows and wait until he returns.

Dellah Sally when she was pregnant

As a way of killing boredom, Dellah usually spends the evenings with her pals sipping on wine as they indulge in girl talk to sweep the loneliness away with some heights!


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