FUFA Boss Magogo’s Closeness With MP Amongi Raises Eyebrows

FUFA Boss Magogo’s Closeness With MP Amongi Raises Eyebrows

By Ivan Mwine

Outgoing Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) president Moses Magogo is so worryingly close to Bukedea Woman Member of Parliament Anita Amongi, to the extent that their closeness has started raising eyebrows.

Magogo and Amongi have been so close  for the past few months  to the extent that they were spotted together during her campaign trails last year and during the electoral period.


However, as if that was not enough, the two appeared together  at parliament on Monday during the swearing-in  ceremony for newly elected legislators.

Whereas other MPs showed up with their spouses or people they deeply involved with, Amongi stunned many Ugandans when she showed up arm in arm with Magogo, who had escorted her for the ceremony.

Their appearance has since sparked off several unanswered questions not only amongst her voters in Bukedea but also among Magogo’s enthusiasts.

FUFA president Moses Magogo and MP Anita Amongi

According to our Moles, more questions were even raised after many of Magogo’s social media followers started wondering where he had left his baby mama only identified as Dellah Sally.

It should be noted that Magogo and Dellah have been dating for the few past few years and in 2019 they held  a private Islamic wedding ceremony.

Although they have a daughter together, Moles reveal that Magogo is no longer as intimate as he used to be with Dellah when they had just hooked up.

Magogo and MP Amongi at a Dua function in Bukedea last year

During their heydays Magogo and Dellah used to paint the city red with passion, because of the endless romantic moments they used to enjoy together, although those have since ended and these days  he seems to have concentrated on paying more attention to the legislator and spending more time with her.

Moses Magogo with Anita Amongi during one of her campaign trails

Anyways, our Moles are digging up all the secrets behind Magogo and his closeness with the gorgeous MP from Bukedea, so just watch this space for details.    


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