Fugitive Pastor Mondo Chopping Cash With Donzella In USA

Fugitive Pastor Mondo Chopping Cash With Donzella In USA

By Ivan Mwine
Controversial city pastor Mondo Mugisha, who fled the country a few months ago after learning that he was being hunted by police over fraud, has been cited in America, where he is chopping dime without fear or favour.

This comes  after our Moles spotted Mondo with singer Ibrahim Mayanja aka Big Eye’s ex-lover Nalongo Sheila Donzella,  with whom he had gone shopping.

The two posed for snaps as they did their shopping, which they later shared on their social media platforms as of to show to all and sundry that nothing will stop them from enjoying life. 


It should be recalled that Mondo fled Uganda via South Africa after the Police and State House Anti-Corruption Taskforce had issued criminal summons against him, Catherine Kusasira, Pastor Siraje Ssemanda,  singer Margaret Kayima aka Nabbi Omukazi  and others over allegations of conning over Shs4.5Bn from unsuspecting Ugandans.

Pastor Mondo Mugisha with Nalongo Donzella

Mondo was accused together with Ssemanda, Kusasira, Nabbi Omukazi and others still at large of collecting billions of shillings from believers at various churches after promising them juicy deals from State House, meetings with President Yoweri Museveni, while they promised others scholarships at educational institutions abroad.

However, although Kusasira denied the allegations and was freed, Ssemanda and Nabbi Omukazi were caged, whereas Mondo fled the country to evade arrest.

But despite the colossal sums of money involved in this heist it seems Ugandan security forces have either lost interest in pursuing Mondo or they are just buying time because by now they would have already contacted their counterparts in Interpol to nab him such that his extradition process can either begin.


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