Fun-filled Activities You Shouldn’t Miss This Festive Season

Fun-filled Activities You Shouldn’t Miss This Festive Season


By Nellie Nakitende

As we head into the festive holidays, which is a season for celebrating and giving love to those around us, we ought to keep in mind that family time is the best. If you love an adrenaline rush, here are activities you and your family shouldn’t miss out on this festive season;


Zip Lining

This is a type of transport system or a piece of recreation equipment consisting of a cable stretched between points of different elevations, a pulley or a harnesser for attaching a rider who moves by gravity. This kind of activity is not for the faint hearted but the good thing about is that one gets to fly over the great rain forest in Uganda.

So for those who want to try out this adventure, Griffin Falls Camp, Adonai Adventure Park among others and the costs for these will be 50usd per person.

Bird Watching

Uganda is a home to over 1000 bird species located in different parts of the country. This kind of activity can be done by all members of the family. The best time for bird watching is between August and December because there is less rain and food is abundant. The nesting season usually takes place in Bwindi Impenetrable, Mgahinga Rain Forest. Other areas that would be beautiful to go to are Murchison Falls National Game Park, Nyamuriro Swamp, Echuya Forest Reserve, Ngamba Island among others.


Primate Tracking

It is believed that there are approximately 1063 mountain gorillas and are classified in to two populations. Almost half of this population is strategically located in Uganda. The dry season is the best time to do this tracking because the primates are out relaxing, looking for food and swinging from one tree to another. The best places to head for this tracking would be Budongo Rain Forest, Bwindi Impenetrable, Lake Mburo National Park, Mgahinga Forest Reserve, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Tooro-Semiliki, Ngamba Islands among others.

White water rafting

The Nile is one of the most spectacular white water rafting destination especially with the long, rollicking strings of grade IV and V rapids with plenty of spills and thrills. Despite the intensity of some rapids, it’s just the perfect opportunity to get out of your comfort zone.  The perfect places to get you this adrenaline rush are Nile River Explorers, Nalubale Rafters, Adrift. The price per person rafting is 40usd.



This allows you and your family spend a night amidst Uganda’s wildlife. Camping was at one only a rough back to nature pastime for hardy open air lovers but it later became a standard holiday for vast numbers of ordinary families. Must haves as you set out for this adventure are foldable tents, beddings, mosquito repellents.


Take a breath and enjoy an oasis of serenity amidst the bustling water rapids of the mighty River Nile. Relax, drink as you float mid river all this in the presence of experienced guides. The price per person tubing is 40usd.

Bungee Jumping

In Uganda this activity can only be done in Jinja. Jumping from a platform with a bungee cord connected to two tied legs. One needs to prepare psychologically before taking part in the activity. The main thrill comes from falling freely then rebounding softly over and over before finally touching the waters. It’s one of the scariest things but also most adventurous activity one can do in their life time. Those afraid of heights may find the experience over whelming.

Quad Biking

The more mud in the ground the better the sliding makes the activity more exciting. Although the riding in the mud is exciting, one must exercise caution as the quad bikes have large tires that can throw mud right in to the face of the next biker. The thrill comes when going through some of Uganda’s typical villages while the villagers wave and kids sing songs to the bikers.

Horseback riding

This has been a rare activity in Uganda but its slowly picking up as people are slowly embracing it. The horses are experienced, well trained and know what is expected of them.

These horses have mounting blocks, saddle bags and rain jackets in case it gets a little windy for the riders. Usually there are two guides, one leads while the other follows from behind to make sure no one gets any difficulties. Must haves before you go for horseback riding are bottled water, long trousers or appropriate clothing. The price varies from place to place 40usd to 80usd for adults and 20usd for kids.

Visiting Ssese Islands

It’s an archipelago of about 84 Islands in the north western part of Lake Victoria. It’s a home to a variety of animals including primates which aren’t accessible on the main land.

It’s also home to lots of hotels, white sand beaches and activities such as nature walks, boat cruises, camping and many more.

It’s also one of the best options for vacations, retreats, outings and many other functions. If you like to watch the sun set and rise, then this is perfect spot for it.

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