Fusion Band Boss Tycoon Kassami, Ex-Lover Kabasita In Bitter Child Custody Row

Fusion Band Boss Tycoon Kassami, Ex-Lover Kabasita In Bitter Child Custody Row

By Ivan Mwine

Entebbe based businessman John Kassami, who is owner of Water Front Beach, Fusion Band and several other business ventures, is involved in a bitter war with his former lover Maureen Kabasiita, a musician, over the custody of their daughter.

Kassami, who is a retired flight captain, reportedly wants to maintain custody their teenage daughter whom he took from Kabasita after they fell out, something she is vehemently fighting.

Maureen Kabasiita wants custody of her daughter

So in a bid to win custody of the child, Kabasiita has since applied to court through her lawyers of Mwema and   Company Advocates, fronting several reasons in her affidavit as to why she deserves to raise the  child.

According to sources privy to the matter, Kabasita alleges in her affidavit that the businessman lives a very wayward life that included binge drinking and staging kinky parties both at his home and beach, an environment that is not advisable to raise a child in.

  She thus prays to court to grant her full custody of the child, compel Kassami to give her monthly upkeep and pay school fees for their daughter, with only visiting rights.

Iryn Namubiru caused bitter split between tycoon Kassami and Kabasiita

However, although Kassami is yet to deliver his stand on the matter through his lawyers, it should be noted that he reportedly got so deeply with Kabasiita when she was still a member of his Fusion Band and it was then that she got ballooned before dropping the daughter that has since become a point of contention between them.

Moles reveal that Kabasiita was Kassami’s favourite Fusion Band member for a long time until her territory was invaded by celebrated musician Iryn Namubiru,  who  had been hired by Kassami to only perform in the Band for also provide private entertainment for him.

Namubiru invasion sparked off a bitter war between her and Kabasiita over Kassami’s attention which the former definitely won and managed to push the latter out of the band.

When Kabasiita quit Fusion Band she reportedly hooked up another man who was a pastor although reports indicate that things didn’t go well between them because the pastor was married and his wife had launched a vicious war against her.


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