Gabula Jubilates After Ballooning Bummy TV Star Bahati

Gabula Jubilates After Ballooning Bummy TV Star Bahati

By Ivan Mwine
Gorgeous TV star Bahati Pascaline is counting down months before she drops tot after she was ballooned by her new hubby Richard Gabula.

Moles reveal that Bahati’s belly is bulging at supersonic speed after Gabula planted a germinating Seed in her very fertile Garden of Eden.

Richard Gabula with lover Bahati Pascaline

Bahati touching her baby bump

The two have been enjoying tubeless bonking marathons ever since they hooked up in 2018, after Bahati split with the father of her two tots.

The bummy journalist parted with her baby daddy after they fell out badly following counter accusations of infidelity, which resulted into the leakage of her very private photos.

But following the split with her baby daddy Bahati moved on with Gabula, who has been irrigating her wetland for almost two years now, until fruits of their nocturnal games started manifesting.

Bootylicious Bahati chilling with a pal

It should be recalled that Bahati and Gabula last year held a massive introduction ceremony during which she introduced her to family members as friends as the man she bad decided to dish out her Sumbie to.

We are told by Moles that currently Gabula is one of the happiest dudes on town and moves around bobbing with swag after this great achievement.

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