Gen. Muhoozi Hails UPDF Soldiers On Operation Shujaa As Two Officers Die In Action

Gen. Muhoozi Hails UPDF Soldiers On Operation Shujaa As Two Officers Die In Action

By Ivan Mwine
The Commander of Land Forces (CLF) Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba, has applauded the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) soldiers who are conducting an offensive against the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) rebels in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The offensive dubbed ‘Operation Shujaa’ kicked off a few days ago with an aim of flushing out ADF terrorists who were not only terrorising Congolese but also carrying out terrorist attacks in Uganda.

Gen. Muhoozi is satisfied with the performance of the UPDF forces in the joint operation with the Congolese FARDC forces  and on Monday applauded them for capturing a key camp for the ADF called Kambi ya Yua, which the rebels were using to plan attacks and recruit fighters.

“On the 24th of Dec 2021 the joint forces of UPDF and FARDC completely secured Kambi ya Yua. Kambi ya Yua was the HQs of the terrorist organisation ADF. The terrorists fled before our troops,” Muhoozi said on twitter.

He added; “No one can stand before the revolutionary power of the people! God bless DRC and Uganda!!”

Meanwhile, on a sad note, we have established that two UPDF soldiers died over the weekend during the operation that they were not killed by the ADF terrorists.

The unfortunate gallant men of uniform died as a result of personal mistakes, according to Brig.Gen. Flavia Nalweyiso, the UPDF spokesperson.

“The information I have so far from my colleagues indicates that only two soldiers amongst those engaged in Operation Shujaa died during the festive season,” Brig. Gen. Byekwaso told a  press conference on Monday.

She added that; “These ones were however not killed by the enemy. They died as a result of personal mistakes.”

However, Byekwaso didn’t divulge details of the deceased soldiers or reveal the personal mistakes that led to their untimely death.

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