Gen. Muhwezi Hires Social Media  Celebs  To Drum Up Support In Rukunjiri

Gen. Muhwezi Hires Social Media  Celebs  To Drum Up Support In Rukunjiri

By Ismail Kwame Nkurunziza

As we edge closer towards the 2021 scientific election, more politicians will have to include social media savvy public figures to help them reach potential voters during their campaigns.

Less than five days after blogger Ashburg Kato used his Facebook page to brag about how he had played a critical role in the victory of some the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Chief Executive Committee (CEC) members,  Rtd. Maj. Gen. Jim Muhwezi Katugugu has also hired a team of social media influencers to garner support for him in Rukungiri District.
Balaam Barugahara, Isma and Ashburg Katto at Jim Muhwezi’s Residence

Muhwezi, who is the former minister for  Health, wants to contest for the Rujumbura Constituency seat in Rukungiri  District on NRM ticket in the forthcoming elections.

Jim Muhwezi talking to Balam and other social media influencers

Our Moles reveal that he recently posted photos on his Facebook page which he took with popular events promoter Balam Barugahara, Ashburg Kato and a one Isma at his palatial upcountry home.

Muhwezi  wants to reclaim the Rujumbira parliamentary seat which he  lost in 2016.

Isma, Balam Barugahara and Ashburg Katto carrying Jim Muhwezi’s banner

In his post Ashburg Kato  told his 133,000 thousand Facebook followers that he was in the south western district of Rukungiri to teach NRM supporters how to participate in a scientific elections.

To reclaim the parliamentary seat, Muhwezi who is rumoured to still be friends with Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) stalwart Rtd. Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye, will have to defeat the current Member of Parliament Fred Turyamuhweza.

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