Gen. Salim Saleh Intervenes As NUP-NRM  Politics Shrouds Outcome Of UMA Presidential Elections

Gen. Salim Saleh Intervenes As NUP-NRM  Politics Shrouds Outcome Of UMA Presidential Elections

By Ivan Mwine

The forthcoming election of the Uganda Musicians  Association (UMA) president has become marred by  politics involving sympathizers of the National Unity Platform (NUP) and the National Resistance Movement (NRM).

We have learnt from credible sources that as a result of this politics, the leader of Operation Wealth Creation (OWC)  Gen.  Salim Saleh has since been caught in the middle of the UMA elections and at the  end of the day his influence is likely to guide the result of the election.

 It should be noted that Cinderella Sanyu aka Cindy, who is vying for the UMA presidency belongs to the ruling NRM, while her greatest rival Mansur Semanda aka King Saha sympathises with Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine’s NUP.

The political differences between Sanyu and King Saha have reportedly created wide divisions amongst musicians  in the Association, whereby camps supporting each of the candidate have since cropped up, something that is likely to tear UMA apart.

But that is not the juiciest part of the saga, according to our Moles within the UMA corridors of power.

The insiders reveal that the clashes between Cindy and Saha have since attracted the attention of Gen. Saleh, who, under OWC, is UMA’s main funder.

The insiders reveal that whereas Gen. Saleh is a staunch NRM cadre and a high ranking official, he seems to have a penchant for King Saha and is likely to back him up for the UMA presidency.

It should be noted that some time back word circulated in the media that King Saha had sired a tot with one of Gen. Saleh’s daughter, the singer has always been in the General’s good books.

Besides that, the insiders reveal that Gen. Saleh wants the music industry under his tight group in a bid to monitor all the funds that OWC has injected in UMA over the years and he can only achieve this if it’s under the leadership of King Saha.

It should be noted that the outgoing UMA leadership, which included Cindy Sanyu, Ykee Benda, Phina Mugerwa and others have since the Association’s inception been accused of misappropriating billions of shillings that they secured from OWC under the pretext of improving musicians’ lives.

It is for that reason, according to insiders, that Gen. Saleh wants UMA under new leadership so as to avoid the  adage of changing old wine into a new bottle.

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