Gen. Salim Saleh Mourns Death Of His Wife, Begs For Second Acholi Bride

Gen. Salim Saleh Mourns Death Of His Wife, Begs For Second Acholi Bride

By Isma Kwame Nkurunziza

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s young brother Salongo Gen. Caleb Akandwanaho aka  Salim Saleh, 60, mourns the untimely demise of his  wife Nalongo Harriet Aber, the mother of his triplets.

During Aber’s funeral in Gulu municipality on Saturday, Gen. Saleh said he has lost a brilliant and reliable partner, a friend, mother of his children and an advocate for land rights. He thus pleaded with the Acholi people to offer his another bride to  help him raise the orphans his lovely Aber left behind.
Harriet Aber with her children

The deputy Speaker of Parliament Hon. Jacob Olunyah, who is a lawyer like the deceased, told mourners that; “Aber was a talented  person who unfortunately passed away at a young age.”

He added on that “Ms. Aber was an example of a gift put to good use and was robust in advocating for the rights of the less fortunate.” Oulanyah contributed Shs2 million towards burial expenses

Although a preliminary autopsy report from the Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) and Uganda Police pathologists indicates that Aber, succumbed to intestinal ulcers, we have established that  a joint postmortem report is being worked upon by teams from the UPF, Police and Ministry of health and will be released next week.

Gen. Salim Saleh with one of the triplets when he was still young


How Gen. Saleh Fell In Love With Aber

According to our sources, Gen. Saleh met and hooked up in 1996 when he was still Chief of Defence Forces,  when she was studying law at Makerere University. It is said that she wasn’t the easy hook up type but the General used all sorts of tricks suitors use, including sending her emissaries,  until he managed to woo her heart.

It is said that after realising that Aber, who was a virgin then, was a very enterprising young lady with a lot of business potential, he decided to convince her to become his official partner.

Sources that Gen. Saleh later visited her parents at their home in Gulu, where he paid dowry  of over 100 cows, goats, plus other gifts and that was when they started up a family.

Gen. Salim Saleh greets Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah at the funeral

A few years down the road Aber dropped triplets (two boys and one girl) with the eldest being Stanley Akandwanaho, whose touching eulogy at  their mother’s funeral moved the mourners.

Gen. Saleh also asked for the report but he was told to wait until next week when the report will be revealed.

He thanked the mourners for loving him and said that he would be grateful if they would offer him another bride to raise the orphans.

He revealed that he is going to camp in Gulu for about six months such that he can organise how to raise the orphans and oversee the management of Aber’s estate.

Aber was one of the most loved people in Gulu district, according to our sources, because of her wide advocacy for land rights for the common Ugandans there.

She was a popular rice grower in Nwoya District, with farms whose acreage triples that of the  Madvanhi farms. She also owned a rice threshing factory on her farm and was selling to factories in eastern Uganda.

Aber was discovered lifeless in her bed in the wee hours of Wednesday by her children.

“The children alerted their Auntie, a one Isabella who also found her lifeless,” sources confirmed on Wednesday.

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